trying to reinstall versaworks to another computer. but its not recognizing the printer port  or the TCIP cable

how do I change that.. 

im installing to my vp300i

versaworks 5.1 it currently says

Currently it is recognizing a AJ1000 printer which I do not have. Ineed it to recognize my vp300i

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here is a screen shot see attached

The AJ is the default when it cannot recognize what you have.

On the printer, set the ip to subnet

Do the same in VW and select verify - let me know if it worked

Irv...tried doing it and it said device not found. tried on the add printer and in VW... no driver showing up in my printers section

Which one is the subnet?
Irv … do I go to the add printer and scanner section for that? and do I do that first ? and in VW I go to the printer settings?

You are not doing this in the windows add printer.

The above is for Versaworks and for the VersaCAMM. You are setting communication between the two and it will load the printer driver to windows for you. the ip and the subnet are marked as such above. You can use any machines setup book for written instructions, the connection part is the same for all machines.

irv ,

was able to figure it with your info...many thanks...I didn't change the ip and subnet mask on the versacamm itself. thank you

You can use the 192 etc, but then you have to lock your ethernet port and need another port for internet. with the Microsoft ip 169 etc you can use one port for both. Happy CAMMing


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