VersaWorks has a limit on the number of copies that can be printed (250).  Recently, I saw a work-around for this but I can't remember where I saw it.  Anyone know where to find the work-around or how to implement it?  I quickly looked on the Roland DGA site under VersaWorks; if the work-around is there, I missed it.

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Is this what you're looking for, Dennis?

From the Roland site



Lady Di

Lady Di,

Yes, you're wonderful.  When I saw the article, the screen shot reminded where I had seen it.  Roland DGA sent an email on December 2, where the article was listed under Tips and Tricks.  Unfortunately, I intended to read the article and simply forgot.  It is such a simple but elegant solution.

Thank you,


P.S.  I have to print 500 2" circular hard hat decals consecutively numbered from 001-500, which is why I ran into the 250 limit and why I inquired about the variable data print file earlier.  I now have both issues under control. 

The link is broken and I tried finding the info by browsing all the past tips but no luck. Can anyone share their tips. We need to print 300 - 1000 individually unique stickers regularly.



Great to tag old post, much better to start a new one - harder to find the new post hidden among the old post - so here is what Dennis was asking and what Steve was mentioning on accuracy. 

Lets Say you need 300, and 250 is the limit - You can a run of 200 and 100 or 1 file of 100 3 times - I am doing the latter. 

So 100 they fit 10 across - I will set up the page height to fit 2 rows to print the 20 and go back and cut them and then complete the remaining 2 rows at a time for 5 times to complete the 100 and then run that job 3 times for a total of 300 accurate decals. 

So after the job runs, I use the save button and save the job with the source file. I can now at that job back to the queue as many times as I want and have that job run until I get my thousand - depending on the version you can stack up to 2 jobs at a time - 6 may allow more.

Add another file to the queue just like the first -  add number of copies , then nest the 2 jobs.


Trust me, now that I read the article, I won't forget the solution.

Thanks for chiming on this one.


Dennis - I expect that I will NOT see oyu post up about how the accuracy was off when you ran 500 decals in one shot.

Remember, 0.04 times the distance traveled is the accuracy. If you decide to run 500 in one shot, you roll the dice on accuracy. A better bet would be to set up for the print a few rows, cut the rows etc. 

Thanks for the fair warning.  I was planning to use the feature where each row is printed and then cut, I've found that it works very well, even if printing is a little slower.  However, it appears that you cannot nest two VDP jobs.  So, what I will probably do is 5 jobs of 100 each.

Go to The Roland Site - and search for Print & Cut Accuracy


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