Hello everyone!

I'm new to the forum, I've read a lot of posts with problems in the print, but I haven't found anything similar ..
I would say that the member of "Brett R" had a "similar" problem, but I hope it is not a problem up to the head of the printer?

I have a problem with Versacamm vs420
More precisely, when printing, for some reason, it makes "- ghosts" in cyan.
I use a 4 x cmyk color refill, I send pictures with the problem and tests print.
I have to say that the nozzle check is good, and the printing in 720 x720dpi  is "good", but in the quality printing mode 1440 x 720 dpi (ghosts appear in cyan). The head is 1.5 years old, the cap station was put on 2 months ago, does anyone have an idea, what could be the reason.

The pump "works" fine, the encoder tape is cleaned, any suggestion would be welcome.



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Hi there Goran , 

Did you get a head crash recently?

If you can access service mode and try a Nozzle Check. 
You might see a cyan channel having a wavy alignment on the fine nozzle test side. 


Look at your cyan - nozzles are deflected (some) - that will cause the halos and ghosting you stated. You did not state your color palette - but if it is CMYK then that is why you are seeing it in your black also. You do have a wonky K nozzle - that will show up when called for. You stated your encoded is cleaned, but the darker color in your yellow is cause by a slow captop or a glich (dirt) on your encoder. Maybe a 48hr headsoak will clear the dried ink in the nozzles.

Thanks Alex / Irving, Thanks for the instructions
As far as I know the head did not have a crash.
I will try to enter service mode and try a Nozzle Check.
I will try a 48hr headsoak for the weekend, so I will report the results.

Do I need to pay attention to anything when doing clear 48hr headsoak?

If I understood the cleaning 48hr -headsoak, the waste hose should be closed and the printer always turned off (totally off on the rear switch)?

Goran that is correct. Check after 24 hours incase you need to add more cleaning solvent. Fill the top so there is a slight bubble before it overflows. If it works right when you gently seat the head so it locks - when you unlock - moving it to the right - you should see sludge from the nozzles. After 48 hours, unclamp the hose turn on - it will do a normal clean, and you do a powerful clean. It will look bad on the first, follow by a second - then post that one picture.


i did a 48hr headsoak cleaning, i send pictures, but it didn't help.


When you take your pixs, please take them straight on. At an angle, changes what you see. 

Although the changes were minute, if you compare pre and post - there where some changes. I am not sure if you require a longer soak, or if there were leakage in your clamping, but you did get some movement. So if the deflections are permanent, then from head strikes but minor ones.

Also what is the humidity in you print area, and

how old is the captop?

Hi Irving, 

the humidity is currently around 63 degrees,

the cap top is 3 months old.

I sent an additional test.


 You have corrected some of your issues, but I see some errant cyan nozzles that may be causing  your issues to continue. The humidity is good enough to not cause static issues. Check your calibration test, it looks slightly off towards a space in between.

I have no more ideas if it is still ghosting - other than a head - not sure I would opt for that yet.

Thanks for the answers, I will try the calibration test, does the calibration test start from the service menu? or is located elsewhere.

Do it on the User side - 


\/ down arrow

Calibration (after bi-direction)

top block over the bottom block - no space, no overlap

Hi Irving, I sent a calibration test and sent an image that I printed out in 720x720dpi resolution. I really don't know what the cause of the problem is, do you have any idea what else I could try, or another 48hr cleaning.





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