Hi Everyone, it's been a while since I've been here. I have a VS300 which uses 8 channels. The silver and white were changed out about 4 years ago when I bought this machine. At that time a new print head was installed. I had 4 years of good service, then abruptly I stated to get streaks in my prints. when I did a test print, one of the magenta channels was heavily missing nozzles. no matter what type of cleaning I did it got worse until I lost it all together. I had a tech I used to use I called, he was out of state so he tried walking me through some tests. I ended up replacing the cap top with a true Roland replacement. I did a head soak and it never came back fully, it did come back partially, so my tech told me how to do a choke clean. I did that and blew out my black channel killing the head.

I ordered a new Roland head, had my tech install it and everything was fine until 4:30 today. I noticed streaks in my print again, stopped the printer, did a test print and it was the same magenta channel missing nozzles again. this head is only about a month old.

So my question is what could be causing this? I'm too busy to be losing printing time.

Btw I have done a regular cleaning and a medium cleaning.

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First question - who changed the inks? The pattern does not look correct - what was it changed to?

You changed the captop - on the bottom - do you have 2 lines, and one stopper

Was the flushing adjustment done?

Do not know choke to blow a head, I regularly do when I cannot get the nozzles back and powerful cleans are not working.

My pattern, 4 normal; 2 mediums; up to 2 powerfuls - no change and a 48hour headsoak shows no change then that channel may be gone

My tech changed the inks when I bought this machine about 4 years ago. All the inks are still Roland, just the metalic silver was changed to Cyan and the white was changed to Magenta.

I was told the sediment in the black line must've blown the black channel when I did a choke clean. Because after the choke clean the nozzles on the black were all indifferent angles and were outside the lines when I did a test print and tried printing. I do not know if a flushing adjustment was done. After he replaced the head I beleive he flushed some lines.

OK it was changed to a 6 color system. Do you have another Magenta cartridge? First thing is to rule out a defective cartridge.Then the channel will have to be checked there are several sensors in their. However, depending on where the head comes from you should get 90 days - you will not from a 3rd party site and will be out of luck. If the magenta channel keeps getting loss then the several boards that need to be checked along with cables. I asked about OEM inks, because some 3rd party chips can fail. 


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