Hello, I am new here, but not new to digital printing :-)

Please, I need some help: I think it's time to replace the wiper scraper on my VS-640.

There is no section in the service manual of the machine or in user's manual.

As I see, I have to remove the complete group of wiper / felt / scraper to have better acces

to the scraper? There is no room to work and to remove the two screws that hold the scraper arm.

Your advise please?

Than you!

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unfortunately you do have to take that assembly out to get to the scraper. It is 2 Allen screws and 3 wiring connectors. Once you have that out it is 2 screws that hold the scraper in. 

This what I thought at first time... It looks easier to remove the complete assembly to have space and ways to work... In the mean time, scraper and wiper are cleaned almost daily. Some drops of solvent avery two night on Cap top because of the summer heat help too. Now its good time to replace my 3 months cap top too, silver ink starts to build up...

Any information about the latest firmware? (v. 2.8)

Thank you!

When you turn the machine off - you can spin the wipers to access the screws. While you are in there - you might want to replace the wipers also. Remember when you do power the machine up - if you do replace the wiper and felt - to reset the counter - by going through the menu to replace.


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