VersaCamm VS-540i Print only 6 colours instead of 8 colours

Hi guys

I need your expertise and experience to help me troubleshoot my machine.

I just replace an original Roland print head on 6 January 2018 by Roland authorised dealer.

All seems to be ok till today 2 August 2018.

The head is only managed to print 6 colours only.

Attempted solution:

- Normal cleaning

- Medium cleaning

- Powerful cleaning

- Manual cleaning

Doesnt seem to solve the problem.

Called the technician to come over.

He said the damper all working fine, no ink clogged no nothing. So he is also not sure whats the problem.

Can anyone help me. Maybe there is other thing that the technician didnt see.

Attached the photo of the test print before the incident and after the incident.

Hope to hear from you guys very soon.

Thank you in advance

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VSi machine set with dual CMYK

No special ink issues

Good nozzles on 5 of 6 channels

Same wonky nozzles on the one magenta channel

Not a fuse

So no ink at all - I am pointing to dampers or one shared damper not near book to check if the second magenta and yellow share one damper or share one cable

So tech should have interview you to see if it was gradual or sudden -  when did you notice and how did you notice was anything done and then it happened - 

It also could be air but air and bad top gives you some nozzles.

Hello Irving

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Initially the tech was suspecting the damper, but after testing he said its not the damper.
He tried to use the syringe also but looks that there is no clog and supply from the ink cartridge is fine no air or anything.

It is believe that the ink is from cartridge 2 (yellow) and cartridge 7 (magenta). From here i think its share the same cable.

Isit possible to swap the cable with the other just to check if its the cable problem?

The tech did unplug and plug again but using the same cable...

Btw the day before the printer work perfectly. I notice it the next day when i wanted to start a job and performing a test print.

On the SP/VPs you can swap cables, NEVER on the VSes - you will break the head. When the printer does it motions and no ink no channels - the head is broke. 

I will check further, it could be as simple as an O ring on the damper, but two channels at one time very unlikely, the print board and cables need to be checked.

Thank you once again.

Ok noted.
But the print board is attached together with the head. Am I right to say that?

Nope - follow the cables up to the next board.

Hi Irving,

You mentioned "So no ink at all - I am pointing to dampers or one shared damper not near book to check if the second magenta and yellow share one damper or share one cable"

From this diagram can you tell?

Hi everyone
Just to update.
My tech said that its the printhead prob maybe short circuit.
So will get it replace tomorrow
Will update accordingly if that is the problem.
Thank you
Anyway idea how long the machine can run in a day... 8 hrs straight? 12 hrs or there is no limit?

So today Roland tech replace the printhead and the Connector A : 1000006702 CABLE-CARD,29P1 256L BB HIGH-V
Here is the outcome

Other attempted solution:
- Swapping the cable between 1,2 and 4

But still doesnt solve the issue.

So tomorrow he is going to replace cable no. 3 Connector C : 1000006703 CABLE-CARD,29P1 276L BBR HIGH-V.

So if it still doesnt work, what could be other possibilities?

Really need your help, lots of pending jobs :(

In January 2018, after changing to a new head, the yellow color didnt come out.

When the tech diagnose, he said that the yellow valve is not working so he bypass it and it works fine.

Now when this thing happen again, he said the tube is fine including the damper.
I did request to get the valve install with the new one, but he brought a used one instead and the account wants to charge me for a price of a new one.

The tech very confidently said that the problem is not from the bypass tube, so I didnt change the valve since its also a used one.

Inside the printhead, the trace of yellow ink seems to be there just like the other colours.

Really confusing.

Changing the cable doesnt seem to solve the issue either.
Tech said not the damper because the ink still flow out when cleaning and be seen also at the cap top.

Just want to update and to close the issue...

My tech get help frm another company...
They took out the mainboard and carriage board and tried at another printer.

The mainboard is working
But same issue when using the carriage board at another printer.

Hence they replaced a new carriage board and the problem solved.

Thank you very for all the inputs and help

Great day ahead


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