Hi guys I am just writing this down as a note just incase the problem ever shows up again for someone. My VP300 was randomly stopping printing. After looking at a few topics on this issue and troubleshooting with my NZ printer technician we decided to unplug the fan, this how ever did not stop the issue - It did allow it to print further through.

I noticed the material was puckering so decided maybe to turn down / off the heaters - at the same time I noticed that the power save feature was on my laptop which is where the file is coming from and it was switching the screen off.

Not sure whether it was the fan, the power save or the heater - BUT its printing AND completing jobs now. 

It could have just been the power save feature on my laptop to test this - I am going to turn the heater back up and see if it errors - I might then plug the fan back in if it doesn't error. 

Then if it errors again I will know that it is the fan - if it doesn't then I know its the power save.  

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Thanks for updating your post, however I have been writing on this topic for years. You can always search this forum on your issue and possibly see a solution. Also start your own post, for when you jump on one from years back, your post is not always easy to find. Lastly, it is probably your screen saver (one of the listed causes); also ensure - no hard drive shut down, no virus checker, no power saver. Once those items trigger, it blocks a packet that throws you into the never ending now processing. All the best in your printing journeys. 

I thought this was my own post? I feel really silly because it turns out it was the power save on my laptop! problem solved. Now I just need to learn how to laminate better because I have this beautiful print work and just ruined it by laminating badly over it very close to re-doing it because even though its a friend job I don't want to put it out there as my work as I know its terrible .. so many bubbles 

Are you hand laminating? Almost impossible unless you use a liquid. There are manual machines and big squeegees that can get you better results.

Yeh hand laminating and not woth a machine thinking of buying something , will send a photo of what I am looking at when im on the desktop


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