Hello Guys First time here in this Forum... I have a VersaCamm VP-540i and in the middle of printing it stop and gave me the error, i call in a technician to come to the house to check the machine witch u guys know is very expensive for just the visit, at the end there was nothing he could do because according to his diagnose the bar with the bearings or the guide metal bar that runs almost along the whole machine where the cut and print head travel back and forward either to print and cut, he said THE BEARING are worn out and damage and its causing the head to lock or get stuck and sends the error, he cleaned it with 3 and 1 on the top and bottom of the whole bar and took the dirtiness of the METAL RAIL if u want to call it that, and it work just enough to print the versaworks test print page until it got stuck again and hit the error again, he said there was nothing he could do because they don't sell that METAL RAIL anywhere and that ROLAND sell it, but it sells the whole rectangular piece that holds the METAL RAIL including the METAL RAIL with it and not by itself... that being said the machine don't have not even 400 hours of use and I don't want to give up on her, I spend good money on it... PLEASE any help on how to fix this or where can I buy that part or anyone here that have had this problem in the past any help will be very appreciative THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

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Well, I would not let her go yet. 

1: there is no part of that machine that takes 3in1 oil - None - Zero - Zilch

2: the lubrication is an oil and should be able to buy from www.rolanddga.com

3: You have a pulley system that pulls the cut carriage that attaches to the print carriage by magnetic - that pulley sometimes need to be checked to ensure it is not rubbing the sides to cause a load error. So if your tech did not pull all the top covers and run an aging test - dong, dong, dong

check pulley, proper lube of that bar - if you see rust forming - thank the 3n1

hi Irving thanks for the reply ,when the tech left he said it was out of their hands because they don't make this parts anymore and I was like, ok so that's it...so I went to college for computer and I build computers and stuff so I said I'll do it myself I'm not shy and i manage to take out the 3 bearing or blocks and they are damage, the plastic in between the ball bearings its falling apart and consequences of some of that plastic some ball bearing where touching themselves witch created a GAP in between the channel where the ball bearing slides creating the ERROR 0080 0080 and 0040 0080, now the problem is where do I find this BEARIGNS or BLOCKS they are two holding the print head and 1 holding the cutting part ... have you seen THIS BEFORE? and as for the 3n1 that's what he was using to loosen the bearings but it didn't help, at the end was the same with the error 


Your first step is to try the link I provided above. If Roland tells you it is a dealer only item, then you would need a tech - I can assure you not much practice there by them - seldom error requiring a bearing replacement. Then next you can try digiprint or mac media.

I tried calling and the website also and apparently ROLAND don't care about this machine since JAN 2017 or something like that I can't even get a hold of anyone to even ask 

Correct - I forgot that VPs are end of life - You still may be able to get parts - on the web since the SP parts are mostly the same. At least for the bearings. If not I gave you two other references. Google will be your friend for you will have to do the leg work.

hi Irving, i got the bearing brand new from manufacturer, install them and everything seems smoth on the rail but now its giving me a service call 0110, anything u can help me with or anyone here that my know the why or the solution


See if this gets you closer to be right again.

Hi, ok where do I start... after I put everything together did what you told me in the pdf and when I start the machine, it does the cleaning process, I put the material in and it goes all the way to the left and then back and it measures the material, but when I go to print something it stops right as soon as the tool carriage and head carriage gets out of the I\S cover and its visible to my eyes, and then gives me error 0080 0080, but if I send something to cut only it will do the whole process, any help on this and  ty in advance

Happy NY to you - I do not answer chats. I have no further advice. To lube that rail it is white lube - never any other oil and do not trust any tech that uses anything but the correct oil. It is so used infrequently, I would have to go onto the tech site to look it up.


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