Hello everyone,

have a small problem that i can`t figure out,probably quite simple,but i have no clue.

in versaworks when i`m about to print when it has status normally it displays "ready to print"

but now it has   status menu state

does anyone know how to get back to "ready to print"



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make sure the printer is not in one of the menu or function states.

okay thanks

now what is the best way to find that out?

sorry but i`m new to all this

anytime that shows up it is due to you having the machine in a menu state - i.e. you may have been checking a setting or something on the machine and not reset it back. Simply press the menu or function button until the display on the machine shows the measurement of the media and you will be all set.

thanks,your right i had just changed my blade.

back to normal,once again




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