versacamm sp540v stops in the middle of the print or cutting

Hi folks my name is Genaro and I have a problem with my versacamm please help!

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......Hi Genaro.

Unfortunately we'd need to actually know what the problem is before we can even attempt to help, don't you think?

A couple of questions.  Does this happen for just a single job or randomly no matter the job?  If it happens repeatedly for a single job, does happen at the same point of printing the job?  Is the printer hooked directly to the computer or through a wireless router?

Hi John Is radomly and no matter the job but when i print banners it just work fine.????

it is not happening at the same point.

and printer is hooked directly to compu. please advise

today I'm printing a large prints 4'x10' and Im using the banner profile,  so far it is good. but why stops when printing vinyl?

On vinyl - eps or PDF

Do you have on screen saver, anti virus, power saving features turned on

The size of the file that was sent to VW

All of the above could lead to your issue

You may also have a bad file in your Q 

When it is random it is more of a Q issue

on both eps or pdf or jpeg.

no screen saver, no anti virus no power savings. 

the size of the file is less than 7mb

"Q"  always empty.  

what amaze me its that using the banner on VW profile  and on vinyl it just work perfectly.

so Im printing oracal white gloss vinyl with a Banner profile I have no clue. but it is working. all morning long.

as soon as I change the profile the printer stops printing or cutting.

OK so lets assume that the profile is bad. Dump the file and reload it, and see if it works. Also if you do not have the profile for the specific media. You can us GCVP on that one and get good results.

I will try your suggestion, thank you Irving. 

Hi Irving and thank you so much I'm printing like a happy camper thanks to you, Have a nice Thanksgiving.

I delete the old profile and I loaded the one you suggested  GCVP and printer is working good.......


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