Does anyone know why I keep getting these pale horizontal stripes across the width of the vinyl? Most noticable with solid print colours and about 50cm apart. It's happened with several different media rolls so not just the one. The heads are clean.

Many thanks!


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Need to perform a test print to see the condition of the nozzles.


Agree with Inobu about see the nozzles. But evenly spaced consistent light banding is a calibration issue. 

Calibration issue is caused by - Calibration needing adjusting, or wrong profile 

Thanks for the reply, guys.

As you see from the attached pics, the print settings are still within acceptable levels, aren't they? I used the correct Orajet profile, too.

Is it not unusual to have the banding so far apart?




Your nozzles are bad especially in the black and cyan. You never want to have multiple drops going straight across or up and down. Those cause banding. You might help by printing in HQ which will increase passes at a smaller rate. Your prints heavy in black will band. With that said, your calibration is off and so is your bi-direction. When you do a print and you have text or lines you should see the off bi. Your calibration should be towards your right. You are getting bad and hard to read results do to the deflecting nozzles.

You have issues with the nozzles but the test pattern appears to reflect a head strike has occurred.

Could you post an image of the print head surface and the cap top. 

That will dictate what your next option would be.

If you are lucky the issue will be as Irving pointed out. If not....well....



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