I just changed my main board. I had to get a use one. The magenta prints everywhere except where it's supposed to. Please have a look at this test print and let me know if you've seen this problem before.





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Jeff my initial suggestion is to check all cables coming from the board you replaced. Especially going to the print board. Your issue seems to be one an electrical problem. Also check your electronics going to the printhead.

I did a few things since posting this, so here's some more info:

To rule out heads, I swapped both head cables from one head to the other and the problem moved to the other head, ruling out a head problem. So, I swapped the cables back, and replaced the magenta cable with a new cable. The problem stayed the same, so it wasn't a head cable problem. After that, I pulled the wide cables that connect the carriage board to the main board and checked the ends (which looked good) and re-seated them. But the problem is still there. Magenta is still printing completely crazy. The carriage board is new. I guess the main board is the only thing left. Sound right?

Thanks Irving!   

So you are saying you did not replace the mainboard, it was the carriage board that was replaced?

My original problem was the CK head not working at all due to ink spilling on that head months ago. I replaced the CK head, and then replaced a blown fuse and a blown transistor in the original board, but the head still didn't work. Last week I replaced the carriage board. Today I replaced the main board. That FIXED the CK head problem, but created the magenta problem. Ugggggg. 

I am glad for the history. It is too late now, but if you would have posted no CK, I would have directed you to the fuse. If you tell me you spilled ink, I would tell you to check all the ribbon cables that the ink came into contact with, because it had burned through and is shorting - tripping your fuse. 

In all the stuff (wink) I have, I do not see your issue. I need to know how the ink spilled on the head, so if you want to PM me that - great. For now I still believe it to be an electrical problem. Did you change boards and keep same cabling, ribbon etc. If yes take your time and a magnify glass and check them thoroughly. Do you still have old board, and can replace to see if you have the old problem plus the new one. I am thinking something was dislodged partially. The fact that your yellow is still working says it is not the fuse. Reseat all of your wires to the carriage board and check your connections. Check your encoder strip and there is an encoder disk over on the right side for contamination. Clean those with alcohol and ensure none of the ink removed the coding. I will comb through your manual.

So sorry for the delayed reply, Irving :)

I reseated all the cables and checked the ends. Everything looks good. It appears to be a problem with the used main board because it immediately fixed the problem I had, and immediately created a problem I didn't have. I explained the problem to the person I got the board from. He told me to check the cables too. But he also said if it isn't the cables, he has an idea what the problem would be on the board. I'm going to send the board back to him so that he can hopefully fix it.

I'll post the resolution here, whenever that happens :'(

Thanks for the help, sir! 


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