VersaCamm SP-300V - Pinch roller error consensus?

Hey folks, this problem has been happening sporadically, but today I had to put the lever down on my media about 20 times to get the pinch rollers to register (usually only takes one or two more times). I got about 95% "invalid right pos" errors, 4% "invalid left pos" and 1% "0.0 width" during the process. I really have read other posts on this issue, but got a little confused by some of the various suggestions. My quick question is this: Is the consensus here that the flex cable is almost always the culprit when this problem happens?

Thank you very much for your time!

Jeff in Pensacola, FL

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Dirty sensor, loose cable

I appreciate it, Irving. I hope it's something that easy. (Although, my luck usually isn't that good, lol.)

lol - my picture is posted under bad luck!

I have an older SP-300V and I am getting the same series of errors and I have cleaned the encoder strip to no avail. Is that what you're referring to as dirty censor? and what cables could be loose? I was only able to find a 540 strip or a generic strip at 100 inches but was told I could cut it to length. Any experience installing with something cut to length ? 

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Stephen C. 

Provided that your rollers are in fact within the correct areas, then yes, i'd say its the cut carriage cable,

As for Jeff, no, you cannot cut the cable to length. You will need the correct cable for your machine.

agreed , i had the same problem, replace that cable,,,

Sorry folks, I goofed up and failed to update my post with the what the solution turned out to be for me. These errors were DEFINITELY due to the cut carriage cable going bad. I replaced that (and the plastic guide that goes with it) and she was back to normal. Thank you very much for this awesome forum and the help you folks have given me.

Side note: Todd, I think Stephen is asking about cutting the encoder strip to fit, which is frequently done I believe. Yes?

Stephen, just be careful to not scrub any of the zillions of invisible dots off the encoder strip you're currently using. If you do, you'll think you're on an LSD trip when you look at your prints lol. But again, look to your cut carriage cable as the source of your position errors, and 0 width.

Just to clarify I purchased  a "generic encoder strip" which I am under the impression is supposed to be able to be cut to length but from what I am reading I need to replace the "cut Carriage Cable" first as it seems like my strip may be fine it could be the cable. is there a tutorial or a visual schematic available so I know what to look for? 

I've had both problems at different times- bad encoder strip and bad carriage cable. Again, for me, the carriage cable fixed the errors mentioned in this post. Unless you've started having new problems, I'd go with the carriage cable. I barely smart enough to turn my machine on, so I don't know how to change the cable. I watched my tech/friend do it, and heard him grumbling as he did, so I think it's a bit tricky. There are plastic rivets that have to be pulled out and put back in later, and a plastic guide that has to be dealt with. I bought a new one so my guy could just replace the old one. I don't have a schematic or tutorial, but if you're the type that can do this sort of thing yourself, I hope somebody else will answer and help you out. One last note: The cable we're talking about is the one that moves along with the carriage, and is not much more than an inch wide. I don't know if we're allowed to say where we buy stuff, but I can tell you that the cable ran me $41 and the plastic guide $26.

You can say where!

10-4, thanks Irving. I got the cable and guide from I've used them several times in the past and have had good experiences with that. Honorable mention also goes to for having some good prices on other stuff I've needed at times. Of course, prices vary widely on various things from various places, so I still comparison shop all the other usual places when I need something. 

I am having the exact problem with my Roland SP 540v.

Flex cable just came in the mail, with rivets and 2 plastic pieces. 

Any pointers on putting it on. I seem to not find any videos with anyone installing this. Are there any videos someone can send a link to.


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