I've been reading through a few posts on the internet on how best to clean the print heads on our versacamm, I decided to go with the method of flushing the heads through with print head cleaner which has removed a load of crap.

The problem im having now is I cannot get the thing to print, the machine throws no errors, it goes through all the motions of printing but without laying a drop of ink on the sheet.

To try and solve the problem I've run the ink fill operation and also several powerful cleans, all to no avail. I can, however, confirm that the ink is making it all the way from the cartridges to the waste ink container so I don't think fuses/circuit boards have been damaged (I was very careful when cleaning) I've also gone as far as taking everything apart again and putting back together to eliminate any bad connections etc.

Im really hoping that someone here will be able to help because there is no way I can afford and Roland engineer at the moment and this printer is quite key to my business, if I've missed out any important info please say and ill provide as many details as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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It could be that the fuses that control the printheads  are blown.

Hi James, I've replied to your comment in the post by  irving donaldso


You are looking for details and provided none as to how you flushed the head. I am with Jacob, you blew the fuses. There are two and since you are getting no colors you blew both. They are on the motherboard and are solder in. You never stated what the original problem was, and following advice from the internet is not always the best and sometimes a tech is cheaper in the long run.

Hi Guys, thanks for replying 

The problem was through years of lack of proper clearing the printheads have become blocked, with no Roland support contract due to the cost I have always maintained the machine myself. Im confident I will be able to carry out the repair needed it the diagnostics im really struggling with.

Some more details about the flush, printhead cleaner was bought from eBay and pushed through the black plastic nozzle on the top of the head for each colour (CMYK) by way of a syringe. The Magenta and Yellow still seem to have restricted flow but the black and cyan flow is good with minimal pressure.

With regards to the fuses, are these the two glass fuses on the lowest board at the back of the machine? im not near the printer now so can't upload a pic. I checked these two and through the glass, there doesn't appear to be a problem? admittedly I haven't used a multimeter as I didn't have one to hand today.

Another thing about the fuses was that from what I've read, I thought when priming the ink or doing a powerful clean you wouldn't get anything in the waste ink bottle if the fuses had gone, is this correct?

Thanks again for getting back to me

Hi Guys, 

Hoping you don't mind offering some more advice on the fuse?

I thought I'd found the correct fuses and ordered x2 1.6A fuses but on dismantling the machine I can only find x1 3.15A fuse, I've attached a pic for you to see.

Because there is only 1 fuse at roughly double the amperage (3.15A), would it be correct to assume that this machine only has 1 fuse for both print heads?


Hello. I have a same problem. can fix it James? Did you have a solution?


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