I recently got my versacamm running after replacing the print head, mother board, and data cables. It prints great. I just started working with the heat transfer print and cut (colorprint PU 29') It started off fine, I did several rows with no major off cuts, Then I ran 4 rows and suddenly the cuts were way off! So I ran a single row to test and the cuts came out fine. So I tried again and the cuts were way off. This went on all day, as I needed to get an order done today. I wasted a lot of material with this issue :(

These were the steps I took to try and correct the problem.

- I checked media roll for proper placement, and made sure everything was centered and straight.

- I checked blade force, seems fine.

- Brand new blade

- checked to make sure rollers are in place, in-between blue sticker( though I'm only using 2 rollers due to prior roller marks, tech told me that should be fine)

The cutting is not consistent, I don't think its the calibration because sometimes it cuts fine.

This has really broken my head, I don't know what else to check for. Has anyone had any similar issues or may know what this could be? 

Attached is one image with a good cut and the other with a bad cut.

Thank you!

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You get accurate cuts up to 8 linear feet. Take your cuts lines and stretch out to 8ft and after that they can be off. So how many rows before it went off. Next time do that number only. It will take longer but no longer than throwing away wasted media. Search this site for print/cut accuracy. It has been discussed many times before.

It would go off cut ,off the start on some cut jobs with 2 rows. Then I would load again to try the same exact print and cut and it would cut ok. It was hit and miss all day on only printing 2-4 small rows at a time, less then 2 feet each time.

It could be 2 feet in media length but 20 linear ft in cuts. Big Difference. If it is off at the start, then check your pinch rollers, ensure your tracking and lock the media guides in place!

I believe it is a lot less then 20 feet, I tried another design that has very little cuts and only printed 1 row, I got a clean cut, then after resending it again the cut would be off. I tried it again for a 3rd time and the cut is good. Its on and off. 

When you say ensure the tracking is good, what exactly do you mean?

Also Im not sure if this may have anything to do with it, but inside a little behind the front panel we spilled ink inside when transporting, not knowing the waste bucket was full we leaned it on its side and ink went everywhere back in that area( reason I had to change the board and data cables) and got ink on that plastic circle disc that I believe controls the feed. My  tech cleaned it, but I noticed it still had some spots on it. Thats the only thing I can think of.

The issue is that folks (not only you) do not state what actually happened, then folks like me have to guess what actually happened and what we are seeing. 

Machines when transported, should be uninked and head locked in place. When any ink (solvent) spills on the cables, boards, and plastic parts - it will melt and corrode the parts. On the right hand side is a plastic coded disc that controls the feed. If you remove the coding and ink can then you will have feed issues. Your cuts are probably working when you are in a good area of the disk and then off when you hit an area that has been removed by wiping the ink. Actually your tech should have known that. You can expect that your cables will start shorting out and you will be popping fuses when that happen. The same will happen to any boards that had ink on them. No where anyone here would know where to begin to help without seeing the extent of the damage. To all that read, the draining of the ink is far less costly than replace damaged parts due to ink.

Thank you for your reply Irving,

 My Roland was transported about 6 months ago to my shop, I just got it up and running, as I mentioned in my first post I replaced the mother board and most of the data cables, along with the print head, I cant loose hope!  The tech cleaned out the machine pretty good, except the coded disc as from I can see it still has a few spots on it. He mentioned to me that its very sensitive. Should I attempt to wipe it myself? If so what should I wipe it with?

Thank you!


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