Just wondering if anyone knows if a jigsaw puzzle can be printed and cut with a versacamm? I have an SP540i and wondering if it is possible with a certain setup of paper and blade or if it is not possible.

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Yes, I have done it with an SP540i.

Whoa, Dennis!

You need to say more! You can run a card stock through the machine, but even if perf and contour cut - I do not see you achieving the level of smoothness required to get the desired results.

I can see printing on the CAMM, and then using a laser to cut the pieces out to precision.

I printed it on wall graphic material and it worked just fine. I don't recall what the cut pressure was. I got the jigsaw puzzle creator from oberonplace in 2012. I put a small number on each piece, which church members would get after making a donation. This was for a fund raiser. I printed a black and white version with corresponding numbers in each piece. After obtaining a full-color puzzle piece, the church member could place it on the black and white version. Filling the black and white version with all colored pieces was the fund raising goal.


Any information on material used, backing, blade, force, and all that would be great. I have seen they are now doing this with laser cutters which I dont have, cut with dies which would be in investment but maybe work in combination with the versacamm, and I also saw they do them with sublimation and pre-cut pieces. But it seems in the sublimation they are very limited in size. I was quite excited when I saw Dennis has done this with a versacamm. I felt like getting clean cuts in the thinner areas may be a little difficult, but if it can work.. awesome..

I have found the easiest way to be sublimation.


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