Hello all. After a getting poor quality prints with my Versacamm, I had a new black/cyan head installed, new captops, new dampers, and even a new fuse for the printhead on the mainboard. After everything was installed, I turned the machine on and get the error "close cover, dry up of printhead may occur". None of the covers are open, and have been checked probably 10 times now to ensure there is nothing impeding the switches from being activated. The switches for the plexiglass cover, the maintenance cover, and the cover that goes over the head area all engage (click) when depressed. Is it time to call the Roland tech? I'm at a loss and seriously sick of dealing with all of the issues. I've dropped a ton of money into this machine and it's been down for a few weeks now so no money coming in on top of having to put money out to try and fix it! Advice? I have a call in to the Roland tech for my area, but it could be a few weeks before he could get here.

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Forgot to mention this is a SP-300V that I purchased from Imprintables Warehouse in 2007.

Hey Lynn, It sounds like one of the switches are out of place. The one in question is the front cover one. At times it could have slid to the left or right and might just need to make a better connection. So do a visual check and if necessary do a slight bending. A tech is not necessary. If all else fails, take one of those rubber sponge qtips and stick in in the opening (gently).

Thanks Irving. Tried using the tried and true swab handle trick, and unfortunately it still displays the message. Visually, it looks identical to the way it did before the head replacement was done. Could there be another fuse that's blown that controls the sensors?

I would inspect the electrical lines from the switch to the board. You may have gotten ink on them or jarred it and no it sees the switch as constantly open.

In looking at the diagram of the printer that I have, it looks like Junction Board #1 is where the sensors are. I'm not exactly sure where this part is in the printer. Looks like by the diagram, it is under the IS cover (the cover over the heads) but I'm not really seeing any boards in there other than the one the head cables connect to. In looking at the wiring that I can see with the maintenance cover and IS cover off, nothing looks to have been moved and nothing has ink on it. Have very very gently touched each connection I can see (while being grounded and with sub and main power off with printer unplugged) to ensure they are all seated correctly. Everything seems properly connected.

I'm thinking I'm in way over my head at this point and I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and wait for the tech and hope that I can get some work doing websites in the meantime to make some $. I appreciate everyone's help.

Lynn with all that you have done - I am sure you know how to go into service mode. Just print from there.

I would not recommend that :)

If it cannot be traced, if you are a tech or tech savy person, then you could go into the service mode and disable that one switch. Printing in service mode all the time can be dangerous

Hi again guys, I actually managed to fix the cover open error, but now have a new problem. I took the back cover off to expose the mainboard. The tech had just left minutes before I posted the first message in this thread. He is an electronics expert with 22 years experience and is a printer specialist, however, he is not a roland tech. He replaced the fuse on the mainboard (F2) because the black/cyan head wasn't firing after being replaced. So I got to looking at the mainboard and saw that there was an empty "port"...so I looked at the diagram I have and sure enough there is supposed to be a ribbon cable in that connector. I couldn't find it anywhere. So I very carefully took the mainboard out by myself, and low and behold, there was the ribbon cable, stuck behind the mainboard. I pulled it gently out so that I could reattach the mainboard and then inserted the cable, plugged the machine back in, turned it on, and voila, no more "cover open" error. Did a test print though and still no black or cyan. Any test prints I make from service mode do not show anything of course since black/cyan aren't working. Back to square one!

You are so right when you state back to square one. Hard to tell you where to begin. If the b/c is still not working, that my have happen with messing with the cable. You will have to recheck the fuse, check all the cables, and ensure the ribbon cable was not damaged. It could be as small as a pin hole.

Swapped the ribbon cables from the magenta/yellow head to the black/cyan head and black/cyan still not printing, so it's not the cables. It's either a bad print head that I ordered, the fuse is blown again, or a problem with the mainboard (dear lord I hope not). This machine is going to put me in the poor house! lol

Lynn you know your way around and the swap was the right move - check the fuse!

Hi Irving, hate to sound so stupid....but what should the Ohmmeter read when I test the fuses? Fuse F1 reads 0.00, F2 reads 0.00, F3 read .51 and kept increasing. Not sure which one is correct?


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