Hello all. After a getting poor quality prints with my Versacamm, I had a new black/cyan head installed, new captops, new dampers, and even a new fuse for the printhead on the mainboard. After everything was installed, I turned the machine on and get the error "close cover, dry up of printhead may occur". None of the covers are open, and have been checked probably 10 times now to ensure there is nothing impeding the switches from being activated. The switches for the plexiglass cover, the maintenance cover, and the cover that goes over the head area all engage (click) when depressed. Is it time to call the Roland tech? I'm at a loss and seriously sick of dealing with all of the issues. I've dropped a ton of money into this machine and it's been down for a few weeks now so no money coming in on top of having to put money out to try and fix it! Advice? I have a call in to the Roland tech for my area, but it could be a few weeks before he could get here.

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Sending you a PM.

Hi Lynn,

I know this is an old post but just wanted to let everyone know why I did to fix this issue. I had this issue for a day and it was driving me crazy. I turn off the main power and removed the power cord (probably didn't matter) then plug in the power turned on the main switch, then hold down cleaning and power button as if you are doing a head clean. And that's it! It worked just great. Again I know this is an old post and it may or may not help others but doesn't hurt to give it a try. Thanks!

Hi Lynn, what printer of yours had this problem? I have a VP-540 and have the same problem, it doesn't have a separate cleaning button on the side

I will have to try this.. I have a VP540 and minutes after doing firmware it went to "close side cover error" took it to the dealer and they replaced everything from boards (not main board) to cables. Nothing worked.. the dealer called Rolands techs and they said the main board was fried. Replaced main board and it worked fine for a month and yesterday right in the middle of a print job it stops and says "close side cover"
I’m having the same issue. Called Roland tech to fix a calibration issue. They came out and while working on it the sheet cut button stopped working and he opened it to look at it then got the cover open error. He called Roland and they said to replace the board behind the buttons. Replaced and same issue. Now they’re saying to replace cables- if that doesn’t work it’s the main board $600 and 3 hours labor. I asked if we coujd order the board and if that’s not it, return it. Roland charges THEIR techs a 25% restocking fee. What?? They’ve got no certified techs anymore, so it’s hard to get on the schedule- then this? I’ve got $600 into it for a calibration issue that’s still not fixed and a new problem with no end in sight. Last thing I want to do is put in a board and find out it only fixes it for a month

So What ever happened with the close door issue? Or anyone still around having gone through this?

  I am having the same problem even though switch is closed.  I heard there might be a way in special mode to turn off the warning???? Or is this a main board failure with little hope of fix.....  Thanks so much............


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