I just bought a used vs540. Did a nozzle test that looked excellent. Before I transported the machine, I did a pump up, secured the print head, wrapped the printer and Loaded the machine carefully unto the truck. Next day after the machine was delivered, I did the inkup and tried to do a test print but got only magenta and black nozzles firing. Since then I have used a syringe to manually pull ink, I have also redone an ink up. I have done ink circulation, ink renewal, 2 power cleans, about 10 medium and normal cleans. I have also changed the cap too and done an overnight head soak. One observation though is that I can see some empty wiper slots. Just one of the slots have a wiper. Another observation is that the the only wiper blade in the machine is dry to the touch even after a head clean. Right not I have run out if ink and kept the head soaked in the Roland cleaning liquid until I get more ink. Please Any help will be grateful. Hope I don't need a print head.

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Also to add is that when I went in to check the ink level on the front of the printer it says black was empty even though it was still printing. It also said magenta and yellow were out even though the cartrigde has a good amount of ink remaining.

Once you get ink, post a nozzle test

May just be air in the lines

These is the nozzle check and a report showing ink leveks

Go into VW and the printer tab - take a picture of the ink there

One day shipping will not destroy a head that was pumped up

Seeing those results usually means the head is shot

So you may need to remove covers to see if ink (somehow) spilled on the right side (boards/cables) 

Is that eco solvent media you printed on? 

Might need to check the fuse on the motherboard

The media isn't ecosolvent. I will install versaworks now and check the tab

When not using eco solvent - the ink does not bite into the media - thus ur results

I just got inks. I have done a test print through verse works. It's only printing magenta. The black line has been replaced with magenta ink. The boards have no ink on them

Unfortunately at this point I have no advice to offer you. I see double printing so I do not know if you are causing that to save media or if the machine is doing it. It maybe as simple as air in the lines or head issues. My recommendation is to get a tech or someone with knowledge about these printers on sight. You do not want to damage the machine in trying to learn it.

Hello Irving.
Yeah it just improved I guess. I wasn't getting any ink on the wiper after each medium clean. I then tried to suck ink from the new captop but I kept getting air. I think it isn't sealing the print head properly. I had to remove one of the tubes and plugged it into the 3rd hole and was able to suck some ink into the captop. I then was able to get all colours complete in the nozzle test. I still have some missing nozzles. Still undecided if I should keep doing medium cleans or head soaks and manual cleans.

OK that I can help with, although a very bad picture.

Your issue is that the cap is not sealing the head, why - you just revealed what I cannot see. The top you brought (not from Roland) came with 3 nipples on the underside. Two go to the pump and the third is capped. Look at your old cap and remove the cap and put in on the same nipple position on your new cap. Once done that should seal your top. The good thing the only thing wasted was time. In service mode do a choke clean and that should remove the rest of the air, if you cannot get to it - about 2 powerful cleans should work.


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