More VDP questions!  Let's say I want to make a decal for a local sports team like attached.  I want to variably print the player name and number.  I've tried creating a VDP print location with an arched box, but Versaworks doesn't seem to recognize it and I don't see a function that allows me to arch the text in the VDP settings.  Is this possible?SVFC%20United%20Decal.png

I want to replace Connor #2 with player name and numbers.  Can I do it in Versaworks?

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You cannot do curved objects in VDP or in Corel print merge. I have been frustrated by that as well. Sorry!

BTW - is just my eyes or do you have two different blacks on the top and bottom of the banner part of that design. I would swear the top is RGB black and the bottom is a CMYK black.

Bummer on VDP and yes, it was two different blacks which I caught before printing.  Can't get anything by you!  When you find the Corel print merge video, would you post it?  Thanks.

I found the video on a laser engraving forum - it is great info! He has a few other gems in some of the corel videos there as well.



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