Help! I've got a simple tag (EPS file that I created in CorelDraw) that I have been using for about 2 weeks now. I have it set up with one variable data field called VDP_ItemNumber. All of a sudden, I load this file into Versaworks and go into settings to enable variable data printing and the buttons at the top of the screen that allow you to load a CSV file are all gone! Versaworks recognizes the file as having VDP with the little green and white icon. But when I enable VDP, I have no way of loading my CSV. Anyone know what's going on?

Thanks in advance!

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I found this post while searching for a solution for this problem, and late as it seems, i did not find it anywhere on the net. What i did find out while mindlessly screwing around in Versaworks thinking about another solution,

When i moved the divider bar between the VDI field and the preview window to the right (*making the VDI window larger) suddenly all the buttons popped up! Move the bar back to its original position and the buttons are still there.


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