I'm trying to run some FDC 7420 semi matte digital paper on my VS 420.  When we use the MPP=SG (Photo Semi-Gloss Paper), it prints, and the ink stays on the paper LOL, but not as well as they should, but it doesn't give us an optimal print.  The blacks are a little splotchy/washed out.  When we asked FDC, they said they used ESM-SGP on their VP540, but I don't see such a profile in my profile list for the VS.  Is there a way to adapt the profiles from the VP540 for use on the VS420, or is there a better profile to use for what I'm trying to use? 



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There is not a way to convert profiles - it would not give acceptable results. FDC should provide a profile for the VS420 but like most of us making profiles, is a bit behind. I would recommend the Durasol photo paper instead and use the SGP profile for better results.

Is the SGP profile the same as the SGP3 profile that I have listed on my list of available profiles? 

That should work also.


SGP3 is the third generation solvent glossy paper and may be an entirely different manufacturer than we used for the first SGP. Thus the profiles are completely different. However, until FDC gets a proper profile made, SGP3 may be your closest substitute. You could also try PMP3 or BBMP. Those are both matte paper products in our catalog. They vary in thickness which would affect the amount of ink laid down, which could help with the splotchy blacks. 



Thanks.  I think I'll try all 3 and see which gives me the best result.  I appreciate your giving me a couple of different options to try.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around the various media and the profiles that best match them.  It's nice to be able to pick Steve and your brains!  Thanks! 

How's the "midnight shift" going?  We're waiting to see photos of the new addition <grin>.  I'll bet he's adorable!

Midnight shift is going well. I'm learning to live without sleep. Although I'm still waiting for the moment when I wake up in a strange place and don't know how I got there.


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