Hi All,

I hope you can assist.

I have a page of 27 different stickers on it. I wish to add a First Name and Second Name to each sticker. I have setup the VDP_First and VDP_Second boxes. Unfortunately, when I export this to VW and import my csv file, only the first 10 stickers are populated. Is there some sort of restriction?

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions. I am not looking forward to entering the names in manually.... :)

Thank you.

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can you post up the file (eps) and the csv file so we can look it over? 

Thank you for your response, Steven. I have attached the PDF and csv files that I have been trialing. The preview only shows the first 10 labels with the data filled. I have even tried to move some of the stickers around but it is always the first 10 so it is not an anomaly with some of the designs.

I'd be really interested in your feedback. Is the file format need to be eps or is PDF just as effective.


See attached screenshot from VW.


Any suggestions? Thanks.

From what I see you are going about it wrong if I am understanding what you are trying. Look in VW help section under VDP for an example of how to do it. You PDF file did not load, so send it in EPS.

Next the VDP takes one image and allow you to add different fields and then repeat if for each line with similar information.

In your example you have 27 different images that you are trying to put information in.

You would need to set the images as a field and have VW load the background and the information.

Thanks, Irving. I was hoping to be able to only add names and not images or backgrounds. I guess VDP is not suitable for this application which was what I was trying to find out. I will create all images and backgrounds and see if I can achieve the better results than doing it manually. All sheets will have the same 27 backgrounds and images which is why I was hoping to create this template. I'll give it a go. Thanks again.

Welcome - it is like if you were doing ID cards - each would have a file with a picture and then the persons name. The picture in this case would be your label background. Steve is tied up doing a course this weekend so I jumped in to help you out. He may have an alternative when he clears his head tomorrow. Putting in the figure out flow in the beginning usually gives you good results in the end. the Help works.

Further update, Steve is out all week so you are more than likely stuck with the help and my advice - LOL.

Thanks, Irving. Your help is appreciated :)  

I have seen the videos on VDP previously so I know that it is possible to add text and images but I am surprised that it cannot work if a photo and background is already present as part of the template; similar to what I have.  I did not want to create the option of changing the background or the image so I did not think it necessary to create VDP fields for them but it is probably a good option if I am to create more flexibility in selecting different combinations of images and backgrounds in the future.  It would also be great if I could choose to print names in metallic. I have a CMYKMt machine and I love it.

There are a lot of drawbacks in VDP. We were hoping for the last 8 years they would fix it in a revision or the next version. The next version 'dual' is here and it was not changed for the most part. It is design to have one master and add the different information. You want to have multiple masters and add information. Nope, Nope, Nope but if you get it to work share! Just have to out think it!


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