Hi all,

Getting a technician to come out and look at our VS-540 is seemingly difficult in the area we are located.

If we cannot get support for our machine from Roland, nor the company we purchased from to get our machine serviced in a reasonable time frame (within two weeks) we will have lost yet another sale and we will be forced to close our business after 16 years and sell our VersaCAMM VS-540 along with other equipment.

It has hardly been used and is still under warranty until Nov. 2012. Well maintained (from our side of things).

Any idea what the resale value of a used VS-540 with white & metallic inks would go for?




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I am not a technician & not sure about the resale value but if you need anything printed in the interim feel free to ask. I have a 54" we can run a job on for you.... good luck!! 

Thanks for the offer of help to print jobs Jennifer. I really appreciate it! 

Just wondering what configuration you have in case I will need your help. Do you have metallic and white inks installed?

No we don't have the metallic & white


you do have access to 30 inch prints with white and metallic though .....

Ok thanks for the info.

Kimberly I am a technician and will hate you to have to go to that extreme to get this fix. The unfortunate part is that I am leaving for Florida tomorrow and out for a cruise Sunday for a week. Upon my return I was going to Steve's class in Clifton Park, but I rather use my passport again and visit you in Canada. So if you take Jen up on the printing of your jobs, I will be glad to take the trip up to make you a happy Cammer. If you can PM me your dealer 1 (purchaser) and dealer 2 (repair person), I will look to see what was done and where to pick up from. In the meantime if any of the 70 installees what to PM you a raving endorsement of me - then I do not see why they haven't already. Let me know your thoughts - I should have at least sporatic contact while I am traveling. Your problem is curable.

Thanks so much for your offer to help Irving. :-) You are my last hope... as we are ready to sell if we can figure out the price.

It look like the raving endorsements have already started...

I'll will PM you the details you have requested so that you can investigate what was done. Then you can let me know how we should proceed.


I have given the dealer I purchased from one last chance and they failed bigtime...

I received what I consider to be a nasty reply from my dealer's tech where they say I am 'embellishing' everything when all I did was explain what has happened with repairs and that I would like my machine serviced. This tech isn't even available to even help this week and said I can try and contact another tech. WTH? How many people do I need to speak to or email to get service? Shouldn't they be the ones trying to find a tech to help?

Now I am REALLY pissed off...

Soooo I called Roland tech support yesterday to request you service my machine. I was put on hold and told they just needed to get approval and you could service the machine.

After 50 mins, 20 mins of that on hold where they were trying to get approval. I was told someone would call me back.

No one did.

Also, I was given the email of the an executive at Roland to email. This is getting ridiculous. I can't believe I have to complain to an EXECUTIVE at Roland to get someone to service my machine in a timely (At this point WHEN and IF do get service I don't consider it will within a reasonable time frame) manner.

Kimberly - take Irv and Jen up on thier offers. Together we can get this fixed for you and get your business going. Don't lose faith now!

Thanks I am trying not to.

WITHOUT THIS FORUM I would have already give up.

Roland needs to know what an asset this forum is and how it is indirectly helping them.


I think I remember your in Canada and Jennifer's shop is closer than I am (SE Pennsylvania Philly-ish) but here's another offer to help if you need it. That never entered my mind, Great idea Jennifer, My machine is a VS300. Help is here all you have to do is ask.

And yes here is a "Raving endorsement" for Irv's abilities. What he is offering is truly admirable.  


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