Well.... I bit the bullet and upgraded from my ole CorelDraw x3 to x8.  Now the color issues continue....  I have no idea about the color management default settings in the new x8.  Didn't have a handle on the x3 either.... so HELP!!!!   I have different settings in my VW ques... one for colormetric and one for perpetual....  but I'm sooooo confused on what to set as default in Corel.  I've utubed and googled and just get more and more confused.  I found the Roland spot color palette in x8 but don't know what to do with it.....  here is my general situation.....

I import jpegs from shutterstock or other sources into Corel....  I often have to resize the graphic or copy and paste to duplicate and resize.  Then I export to eps and print in VW.  My reds are often horrible.  So, I trace in corel and recolor red, but I lose a lot of detail when doing that.  But, I can print in VW in colormetric setting with pretty good accuracy. 

Can I design in corel using pantone colors (as Butch suggested) and export with RGB.... and get dependable results?  Or what????

What tutorial have I missed??????   

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Bonnie you may need to attend one of the Stahl's classes in a location near you. In the meantime look in the video section above page 2 and 3 for a video to address your needs. The issue you have takes months or longer to accomplish with ease. Your issue is vectoring a raster image. Many folks do not take the time and farm them out. If you use Great Dane Graphics, they offer designs with cutlines included. I am sure many others are out there. Once you do vector it, you can change the colors. You can load the Roland Color Palette and print the 1st color chart. You can then select a color you want and find it on the Roland color palette to reproduce in your print.

In your color management, you can use perceptual for raster images and colormetric for your vector images.

Butch is correct you can use a pantone palette and if you have the colorbridge you can see the CMYK equivalent - but I only use pantones as an exception. VW can handle them and tell you if they will be printed accurately. Also Roland's CMYK is wider than the normal CMYK, so always use Roland, Pantone, RGB palettes in that order.


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