Uneven ink coverage on vs 300i , need help with printer

Before I used to use my printer to decorate apparel mostly and I had no issues with the print. Now I'm into printing stickers as well and print quality is disappointing.
I use durasol printable sign vinyl from stahls, and printing profile for this vinyl was installed by stahls technician. Name of the profile is roland dga gcvp glossy calendared vinyl. Resolution is 1440 x 720 dpi. I believe it is same as you can download from roland website.
My other settings :
Halftone : error diffusion
Interpolation: nearest neighbor
Direction : bi direction
Pre press usa
Controls : use default media settings for all.
Print heater : 45c
Dryer: 50c
My test print is looking good as well as calibration.
But when it comes to printing stickers no matter jpg or vector file ink coverage is not solid. It is kind of grainy. What am I doing wrong ? How can I achieve good print quality. I believe this printer must give better quality print than I'm getting now.
I print on high quality setting. I ve been to convention an seen roland printer demonstrations and their prints looked way better than mine now .
I'm attaching some pictures , test print to the right is done after I printed some stickers and it is little off for some reason ( I always do test print before I start and it was good ). Test print to the left is after i did regular cleaning. And there is pic of my sticker.

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So durasol is a great media and GCVP is the profile that I use.

What it appears to me is to be a grainy print. Grainy happens when heat is too high and ink dries before the ink dot gains. Now that should not happen when all three settings in the printer tab is set to default media, for the profile sets the temperature. You state you did, the image shows otherwise. 

On Vector use max impact

On Raster use prepress US

For color chart use Density control

The more important issue are the deflections on the new head. Do not believe those are your issues, however if you see overspray in those colors that is the issue. Deflections come from ink drying in nozzles, head strikes, or head shot count. I am thinking head strike, but a peck would verify if that was the cause. 

Just verify your settings, and know that if your default queue settings is for another vinyl, and you change it, the Printer settings automatically changes. 

I set my A queue for apparel and by B queue for decals - you can set your whichever way and if you use VW6 then you have up to 5 queues.

I attached pic of my settings. I tried different things today but still getting grainy prints 

On Vector use max impact

On Raster use prepress US

For color chart use Density control - were can I find those setting ? 

Today I tried to print again , started queue B for stickers  ( before I was printing everything using queue a . I was thinking may be this was the issue).

Here are my settings,  I do exactly as I was shown by tech who installed the machine. I do not touch any other tabs for setting in versa works , apart from cutting option but I think it's irrelevant. 

I even tried to manually change temperature through vw to 30c/ 30c just to see if it will make any difference . But it didn't.  I get same quality print all the time with grains 

Matt I know your tech very well. So either you missing a step or not following even what I stated. 

Which version of Versaworks are you using

As for the settings above once in the settings - the second screen

You cannot do what your tech says and expect great results - Decal vinyl is not Apparel vinyl so if you are using the same settings - not good

If you change the temps manually, no good

What are your default setting in your queues - that is changed on the edit tab

Once you set there - global - if changed for the job you must go to tab 6 and reset default media setting

I think I need to paraphrase my initial question. 

How to set up my printer settings to achieve best possible print quality with durasol vinyl.

I only changed temp manually once to test. I never do it. 

What I'm doing right now is :

I use vw version 6.3.2.

I load my file into queue B

Queue B properties are : ( i'm attaching screenshots)


continue with the settings :


and then I go to the other settings for the job to check if everything is ok. And add things like cutting options. That's it . what did I do wrong or what did I miss .

Because my prints all come out grainy 


 I guess I figured out what was my problem.

I found some additional manual on rolanddga.com , with instructions on how to improve print quality. 

In my settings , I changed 

interpolation to : bi cubic  

direction to : uni direction 

other settings I left to be same.

Finally I got print I'm happy about. 

Left is new settings and right is my old grainy prints. 

I wish tech who installed the machine mentioned something about it. I was thinking  as long as I have right media profile it will turn out good by itself. 


Then if that worked for you - I must say your graphic you started out with was not too good. VW can print good pictures at 72dpi, however - that needs to  be that at print size. If you put a smaller image in and then magnify it - the dpi goes done. When you use bi-cubic it is the best for increasing raster images but it takes a long time. If I am doing an install, I might mention it for if you stuck, but I do not mention it as a rule - it is the exception to the rule. Increase the dpi on the image.

I agree,  file quality was pretty bad. I was assuming quality of the jpg file was my original issue.  But that's what I got from my customer. 

Matt T if you are new to this (saying it politely) your customer will swear to you the image is great - meanwhile taken from the internet at 72dpi - 1in x 1in, but would like a 12x12 jacket back. You will learn to explain to them garbage in is garbage out - maybe a little better than that - but you cannot put a low res image into VW and kazam it becomes a work of art. Welcome to our world, most of us have been where you are. You can always try to research your self for a higher quality of the same image or search for one closer to see if the client will accept. Also understand that you need to charge for artwork and time invested or you will have a forsale sign on your printer soon.


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