If you are an owner/user of the Original Truvis series of printers and still using truvis ink, then you need to really consider your upgrade options. The truvis ink is going away Februaury 1, 2021. You will have to incrementally upgrade your firmware to accept the TruVis2 ink set. Contact your dealer for more specific details on the process. As a word of caution if you jump to the latest version of the firmware without the stepping up process you can damage your machine.

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So how does it damage the machine? also, what is the firmware's stepping-up process? I upgraded my firmware as my dealer instructed and converted to Truvis 2 ink...since then, my feed cut started being off after 12 inches from the beginning of the job and got worse from there. The cut calibration process from the manual didn't fix it. My tech couldn't figure it out because everything calibration-wise was in spec and thought all my design files were corrupt. He then tested with Roland files and cutlines were off as well so he called Roland. They told him that Versa Works 6.12.0 was the issue. Once that version rolled out, Roland was flooded with this same cutline issue and Japan had to work up an update real fast to deal with it. if anyone is having this issue with their print cut being off way earlier in the job than normal, make sure you update Versa Works 6!

FYI, after TR2 ink conversion, prints look much, much better than TR1. Also, cleaning the heads have been way smoother. TR1 ink would clog the heads with hardened ink that you had to take off with tweezers and ink would be hardened on the bottom of the head while also having to clean the heads more often than my versacam SP-540V. It was a nightmare until I upgraded ink. I bet this is one of the main reasons they switched inks.

Damage it by not being able to complete the upgrade. You have the upgrade in so yours were done correctly, and the procedure was changed to a one step process. There have been many firmware changes since the one you mentioned.


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