I am trying to print clear static cling in reverse with spot white then print white last. The problem I am having is, I can't used the media clamps as the static cling sticks to them, and it is hitting the edge of the media as it is curling up a bit. This is Roland ESM-CSC media. I have tried attaching a clamp to then end of the media feed when my media is hanging down. I am running my head height on High. I have also stood there and held the edge of the media down then entire time. It is brand new media and the printer is 4 mo. old so I print everything else with no problems.

Any advise would be appreciated.


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Annette, I’m not sure this will help you since I have a different older machine but I often run static cling without media clamps. Also in a pinch, if the job isn’t too long, I’ve run scotch tape, the frosted kind, along the perimeter of the cling. The media clamps ride on the surface of the scotch tape, not the cling material itself and they glide right along without sticking.

lady Di

Lady Di,

I don't use the media clamps as the newer ones only come with the long media clamps but I did try them. I put slick tape on the backside of the media clamps because without it, the media stuck bad.. It will run about 4 passes but then it starts grabbing so I removed them. I hung 4 clamps on the bottom of the media when it was long enough and tried weighting it down. It is thick media. These are 30" decals so running tape along the side - not sure if that would work but I can try. My next idea is to load the take-up reel so that it would keep tension but for now I have had to just stand and hold the media down.

Thank you for your response as I am searching relentlessly for a solution.


Another solution is to feed enough of the media out so that you can clamp it. So you thinking about the waste, don't, you may have about $3 max media waste. If you were to hit your heads with a media clamp, or have the media repeatedly brushing the heads, that would be far worst than wasting that $3. Each head is about $1200 and you have 4. You get a hard enough hit you will get the dread 400A, B, orC error requiring you to call a tech out. You can determine how long you will be down while you wait for the service call. Yo can also do what you suggested with the TU reel. Tape a piece of media to the leading edge and the TU and you will be good that way also.

not good if it's Roland cirt media is it.

I use a static cling fairly often without these issues on a vs

Tips clean the clamps with cleaning fluid

turn the heaters down I use 36 deg

Keep the material in a plastic bag when not in use

If still a problem pre feed the media over the heater bed before printing.

As said dont run the risk of damaging the heads.

Thanks for the replies. I have never used the clamps, they are straight out of the box. Material is brand new so it hadn't been opened. I will try turning the heater down. I pulled the media to the floor so it was past the heater bed.I clamped the media with 4 clamps just to weight it down. I will try the heat and the TU reel and see how it goes. Had to pull off the job to get other jobs done :-)

Thanks for the help! Will let you know how it turns out.
Chris - what brand of static cling do you use. I may send this Roland brand back.



I am in the uk so suppliers may be different 

Metamark  md  sc 105 clear

As a note I deliberately use 750mm wide this can help with your problem.

Thanks for all the advise. After all the frustration, I pulled off the job to take a break from it and re-group. I have experimented and finally think I have it. I turned down the heat to 30 C. as this model one only has a pre-heater. I then installed slick scotch tape to the back side of the long media clamps covering them entirely. This model just comes with long media clamps so you can't trim the media at the end of the job using them. I then moved my media to the most significant area with vacuum ports and moved the wheels over to the furthermost point to try to avoid the curling. I have to print two times (once for color, once for white) as it returns to the starting point to run the white over to get the opacity.

Hope this helps others and thanks again for all who replied.


Not sure if you had the problem using default media settings in the Printer Tab in VW - in that case the machine sets the appropriate settings for the media you are using.

I had to media set to Clear Static Cling but I do change it with each media.

Yes but on the printer tab in VW if you do not set each of the 3 values to Default Media - then the printer settings are being used and that could be your issue.

There's actually a setting in your printer that helps with sticky media.  Doesn't anyone read the user manual any more??  There's a setting you can change to help keep the media from sticking to your media clamps.  The printer does it by keeping media moving so it doesn't stick to the media clamps.  I can't remember where the setting is but it's there on most of the new printers. 


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