The machine listed above is fairly new, and I'm needing to know if I should do the firmware update on it? I want to keep it up to date but don't want to create problems with ant update downloads. Thoughts???

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Which version of firmware are you on, and which one are you looking to update to?


First, thanks for you reply.

My machine came with firmware version 1.0, the current upgrade versions are 1.10 & 1.20. If possible can you tell which version to go with, and what is the benefit of doing it.


 Version 1.10 will optimize the printer performance and allow easy integration with RVW 6.5.2

[bug fix] (Following problems have been fixed.)

1. When multiple lines are output, the printer moves abnormally if [Job Settings] dialog > [Mark] tab > [Crop Marks (Print&Cut Alignment] > [For Each Data Entry] is selected in VersaWorks.

2. When [CLEANING] > [MANUAL CL.] in the [FUNCTION] menu is performed, the standby position of the carriage during cleaning may not be correct.

Version 1.20

1. Ink empty may be displayed or service call 0380 may occur even when there is no problem with the remaining ink level.

2. Service call 0400 [00FF] may occur during initial ink filling.

​3. [SHEET CUT] may not be displayed in [FUNCTION] menu under the following condition.

​​- ​Exit [MEDIA SETTING] screen for pinch lever up etc. without completing [MEDIA SETTING] in the user menu, then setup the media again.

Always good to have the latest update firmware - never downgrade firmware

Thanks Irving

So if i'm reading this right, V1.10 is good

but V1.20 could cause the issues listed or does 1.20 also fix the issues list under 1.20

Also when you say optimize - are you talking about operations or print quality or both

This is Roland's language - and with 1.10 must address problems with the machine working with VW 6 series. If you used VW 5x, I am guessing you would not see any issues. The issue with 1.20 I seen on one install I was doing and had to go through the steps of changing the head to correct it. Having this update would help on new machines. I am sure you have not had the other sheet cut issue for you would have seen that by now. Truth be told, I do not just install firmware to have the latest and greatest. I usually wait a few months to see if there is any updates to the update.


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