Hello, I have recently noticed my prints turning out much more vibrant than they have in the past year. I am liking most of it but today noticed a print that is really a soft blueish green turned out deep sea green and blue. 

I am trying to review things I did previously to have caused the change. I feel I am overlooking and probably an easy fix. 

1- I printed on glitter htv and was told to put the color management to max for the glitter. I did and the glitter printed better. Then when I went back to print regular HTV colorprint I see that under color management - it says density control only. So, it is not still on Max. 

However, I am not sure if density control is what it was on previously. 

2- I had recently printed a color chart because I felt like my spot colors in illustrator suddenly were not accurate. Before doing the color chart this is the change i made---- 

i added a workforce printer on to the computer. I added a print profile for this printer to print sublimation. I did not change or add profile to my roland though. 

So, I did look into the ink color management in the roland printer and I noticed that the ICM- was disabled. Again, not sure if that is how it should be or not. 

I checked my print profile and it seems the same in versaworks. I am just not sure where I went wrong. As I mentioned for the most part I really like the colors. But some are too green and blue. 

If any of that makes sense and anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. 

Thanks, Laura 

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I think it has to be in the color management-- I went back to before I printed the chart and it looked like color management said pre press. now it says density control like that. What is best for vibrant pattern htv and oracle 651 pattern? anyone have an opinion? 

Understood all that you typed, but most did not make sense to me. With that said, not sure who set up your printer, but what they put in the queue under the edit tab are the defaults. Color charts should be printed with density control, all spot colors are printed with density control automatically. 

Vector art - use Max Impact

Raster Images - use Prepress US

In VW Printer Control Tab have all three areas use default media or your colors will be changed

Let me know how those work for  you.


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