I'm having extreme difficulties trying to get a a decent printout on my roland sp540v. The file is a high res bitmap that's saved as RGB. The media is stahls solutions opaque. As soon as I import into versaworks the eyes blacken and the image gets a blue/black  hue to it. I've run through at least 2 yards of media testing different settings but can't seem to figure it out. I've attached the image before and what it looks like after coming out of the roland. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Where did the file come from? Digital camera, scanner? the RGB space needs to match the capture device. sRGB or Adobe 1998 is what's messing you up. You've changed the color space between design and export.

in Versaworks, select Us Pre-Press and check the box label "Use embedded profile" this will bypass color management as much as possible to use what the design software and capture device intended. Also select perceptual for raster in the quality tab. We have a webinar on the quality tab here: www.rolanddga.com/webinars 

I attended the webinar that Dana referred to and it was very informative.  One additional thought.  Were you using the Solutions Opaque profile?  I have never had any luck with that profile; colors always come out darker than they should.  I have had much more success using the Solutions Clear profile on Solutions Opaque.

Dana and Dennis,

Thanks for your replies. I made the suggested changes to the settings but I'm still not getting a quality result. It seems like there is a huge discrepancy between quality depending on whether I import the file as a jpg or as an eps. The eps comes out much darker and has a very muddled look whereas the jpg isn't great but it's much better. The problem is that I can't use the cut function if I import as a jpg so I've resorted to cutting out by hand for this particular job until I can determine what the main issue is. Any additional suggestions would be very appreciated.

I also plan to watch the Roland webinar that was suggested. 

Thanks again for your support.


Have you tried exporting as a tiff and loading directly into versaworks or even a converting to pdf all of these will have an effect on color. Use perceptual for raster.

I have a reference chart on my wall that I made by taking the same photo and exporting as eps,pdf,tiff, and printed with pre press, max impact and perceptual, they are all different

Please post your solution I have had the most color issues when pritning on heat transfer mat.



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