I don't know about you guys but I LOVE trade shows. They're so fun and you get to see all sorts of neat stuff. Now here is the deal, I've been tasked to find some awesome tradeshows around the country pertaining to print and graphic design.


What shows have you fine professional people attended? What shows would you like to attend? What trade show suggestions do you have?


I'll start:

I went to the NAB show in Las Vegas last year. I saw 3D TVs without the use of 3d glasses (panasonic) I got to play with cs5 before it came out and got the pleasure of speaking to the people behind the software (omg giddy giggle) Saw some pretty awesome printers and I also ate a hot dog.

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The shows I attend, the ISS, USSC, NBM - all of them more than once, but ISS in three different regions.  The ability to see, touch, and compare products under one roof is the big selling point for me.  I recommend everyone in the industry go and see what is to come and what their competitors are doing. Doing mulitple days is a must.  My methodology is to see as much as I can the first day, return to the hotel and review what I have seen and develop question and a list of second looks.  The second day I look for what was missed and then start getting answers to any questions I have.  I take lessons once a year from each industry.  If I am lucking I even get to meet up with My VC members.

I enjoyed FESPA this year.


Great posts! Maybe I'll see some of you guys at these.


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