Changing my cap top in my bn 20.  lost the spring  the tiny one.

any one know if this is a Roland special or where one might be able to pick one up locally.

Hardware store maybe??

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You can use a pen spring and simulate one.

here is the part number and any roland dealer or the roland web site should have it

8 1000006524 SPRING,CAP FRONT VS-640

OMGolly Irv. 

  I was about panicing.   

PM. me your address I want to send you something.

I am good. 

I will PM you my address, everyone will have it - and I will be swamped with personal requests.

I was near your area 2 weeks in a row doing installs and repairs. If after this current lock down and I happen to be near you, I will stop in to receive what you have - figure in 18 months - LOL!

When that machine first came out, there was no spring.

In the future - I put a piece of tape on one end - just in case it wants to fly away. 

If you use a pen spring - just clip it and you will have a few. - the object is to put a little tension on the top to square it up with the head.

my bad,  i thought you could private message on this board.  You do so much for so many people I just wanted to make you something,  maybe with the laser,  Not sure yet..  :-)

If you are ever in Harrisburg stop on by.

LOL, the last time I was it was at 70MPH. PM sent


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