Hey guys,
I just got this message to replace the sponge on my Roland and I figured there'd be a "how-to" video online, so I went and purchased the sponges at my local printer supply store and now I can't find anything on how to do it. I've checked the manual, its not in the SP-540v manual at all, I searched for "Sponge" in the PDF and only brought up two instances of cleaning them gently and the message section did not include this message. I have a square sponge which i can see in the machine when i open the service cover, but there is also a T shaped sponge that I have no idea where it resides. Is there a way to get into a replacement instruction menu on the printer, like MAINTENANCE REPLACE WIPERS or MANUAL CLEANING? Thanks for the help!

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T sponge is under the square. You will need to remove the metal cover ( covering the square sponge ) to access.

Be careful not to bend the cover.


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