It appears that we need a new head that prints black on our SP540i. Yes?

I contacted Roland to buy a new head was told that "Replacing the print head is a service-level operation requiring a certified technician." Therefore, it does not sell print heads directly to owners.

What options do I have?

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Posted the same a few posts ago.

I am currently in Paris, and returning over the weekend. I can do the repair but do have a SG and BN head job already in the queue. You can order the head from the mother company and confer with our buddy, but looking at the photo it seems possibly both heads. The black side of head one always looks that way first. However, the magenta and yellow is also suffering from a head strike. You can see several nozzles from both columns pushing  left - so the strike was when the head was returning home. You can also visibly see where the nozzle pattern gets light, those will not return and will shift your colors. That had will come with a 90day warranty and they can quote you a price for parts and labor.

Non-Certified heads are sold by DigiPrint and Sign In China - but those are sold at buyers beware and will save you about 600 but then if something goes wrong it is on you.

Consider your options, I will contact you upon my return.

Enjoy your stay in Paris. I look forward to hearing from you upon your return.


I printed a banner this afternoon and was pleased that solid black areas printed nicely and without the banding that I had been getting. However, there was overspray in some areas. I attached a printed letter from the banner. The yellow arrows point to areas of overspray and the white letters to areas without overspray. I looked at the test print that we did this morning and it also had some yellow overspray around the green lettering. I didn't notice it until I looked more carefully. Is this a bi-directional printing issue?



Actually no. 

Although the head was registered, that looks like a registration issue. Remember the test I showed you, that is the bias and corrects that. Ensure your all of your other test are done and correct and print a smaller example of that, if the same - I will let you know when I will be back up. Of course, Satisfaction is guaranteed!

To be sure I understand, the other tests you would like me to do are which?

bi, and calibrations - the standard in user mode

Need to know if I am heading your way in the morning?

I was out this afternoon and just got back. I want grab a quick bite to eat and then will run tests.

Bi-directional alignment is spot on. Adjusting print-cut. Just a little off.

Print-cut looks good. Doing test print.

Still having an issue. That attached dragon and text is supposed to be all black. It has red along some of the edges, just like what happened on the banner. IMG_4368.JPG

See you in the AM


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