Hello All,

A while ago I posted problem on my SP300V concerning print alignment and the print

walking all over the print media. You can check my problem if you search for "Still having Print/Cut alignment problem on SP-300V " posted 14th of April 2017. 

To date there has been no reply. After crawling the web thoroughly I found out such problem

is the cause or can be the cause of the Encoder Strip. In my case it was for sure and

it was in addition to the tension cable being loose as Steve pointed out to me once.

Having found the problem I discovered after ordering a new Encoder Strip from someone

online that the old Encoder Strip can be used if it is turned upside down. I did that and also made

sure that I put a hole on one side of the strip where it is locked in position. I Cleaned the strip with alcohol as shown in one of Steves' video and also the sensor of the Encoder strip. Having done the cleaning and turning the strip upside down also the tension cable was adjusted earlier.

Someone from a reputable company was supposed to help me in the use of the tension cable meter. The technical person from this company never replied to this day to my email. I even posted a question on this forum on the correct way of using the tension meter, I never got any response. 

After several attempts, I guessed the tension meters' use and adjusted the tension but I'm not sure if its correct. I did also post a picture of the tension meter asking if it was the correct way of using it.

With the cable adjusted earlier and cleaned the strip I executed the option relating to the Encoder Strip in the system menu than followed it by setting the scan and the feed value to zero in the user menu. Returning to the system menu, I did the adjustments under the Settings 2 for print and cut then tried the test in the user menu.  Surprisingly all worked very well. Now the print and cut alignment seems even better than when it was new.

So if you have a similar problem, clean the Encoder Strip first, if the problem still exists then turn the strip upside down assuming your tension cable is not loose. 

As far as my tension cable is concerned, I'm not sure if I did the tension correctly, it may be tight enough or incorrect.  I'm not going to adjust it even if find out the correct way.  As the saying goes "don't fix it if its' not broken" , but will correct it if I get a problem. 

Now I have a spare new Encoder Strip, the original one is still in use upside down. A lot earlier, there was also help from Irving on the workings of the print and cut method.

I fixed this problem a while ago and I thought I share it with other SP300V owners on my return.

Anyone please correct me if there is anything missing or incorrect. Thanks all.

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