Hello Vcammers, We have been noticing cyan banding in our designs. If we run a clean it looks ok but if it sits for a short time and we print again we get the blue banding. I'd hate to run a clean before every print. I ran a test print and noticed the cyan bar is all choppy. Does this point to a damaged head? This test print is after 2 cleans and pouring cleaner in the topcap. Thanks for reading and have a great day.



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Hello Brian, based on your nozzle test you are running a VS machine with dual CMYK. The dropouts in your left side, specifically the cyan is the cause of your banding. I would not say it is a damaged head, but more likely clogged nozzles. So my questions are: How old is your captop? When was the last time you did a manual cleaning? When looking at your lines do you see any air bubbles? Visually look at the printhead at rest (on captop) and ensure it is sitting evenly! Also visually inspect printhead in the maintenance area!

Thanks, Irving!

We replaced the Captop not that long ago. Maybe that is our problem? We perform Manual and System cleans often. I'll run through everything you suggested and see where I end up. Thanks again.

Brian, the captop has a center spring and a retainer spring - ensure that when you push it down - it springs back into position and not getting hung-up. It looks as if it is applying uneven pressure on the printhead.


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