I had major issues with my printer and thanks to advice here I changed the 3 long ribbon cables and that fixed the issue. But now I have a new issue happening. The machine was printing perfectly for a few days. (I did not print much with it, but the test prints were perfect.) Then the magenta showed a really deflected bar on the test print. So I soaked and cleaned it, and then it got worse. It went to 5 deflected bars. I changed the wipers, cleaned the scraper, and did another head soak. The magenta head came back quite a bit, but there are still some deflections. But now the black is getting deflections. It was perfect, then for no reason (I know) it is getting deflections and it looks like maybe 10 of them. I am soaking, and doing medium cleans, but it is not helping.

What is going on? What can cause this, and more important how do I stop this and reverse it?

I will post some pictures soon, although they will just be test prints with deflections...

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edit: I have also changed the captops.

This is the current test print. The black doesn't look too bad up close but there are a number of deflections starting. It was perfect this morning. The cyan has had that one missing bar for some time, the rest of it looks fine. The magenta has recovered a few deflections but still has some. Yellow looks good under a blue light.


No ideas?

Could the inks be old?

Never old ink! How old is the printer? How many shots through the heads? How many head strikes? How much time on the captop before it was changed? So many ideas, just not enough to go on. Only some deflections can be corrected. Those that deflect will cause more visual annoyance than those that are completely blocked, unless consecutive in either direction.  A 48 hr head soak followed by a couple of power cleans and maybe a choke clean is your best chance at clearing. No correction after that they are probably permanent. A old or exhausted head will show deflections near the end of its life cycle.

How old is too old for ink? I got the printer a couple of years ago as a demo unit. It has been fine until the other day. There were no head strikes that I know of. The caps were fine, but I replaced them the other day to be sure with OEM caps. I will check the shots.

What is a choke clean?

Could the dampers be clogging up? I have new ones in stock...

no wear date on the ink. It is not dampers. check under menu for choke some only in service mode.

What about how old ink carts can be? I am not sure mine are maybe 2 years old.

When I replaced the long data cables I accidentally bent the ink line. It  is fine, but could that screw it up?

Shot Cnt. 1 (trip/total [clear]): 36,870/ 509,353 K times/nozzle [4]
Shot Cnt. 2 (trip/total [clear]): 36,933/ 509,512 K times/nozzle [4]
Shot Cnt. 3 (trip/total [clear]): 55,054/ 1,093,960 K times/nozzle [2]
Shot Cnt. 4 (trip/total [clear]): 54,865/ 1,094,179 K times/nozzle [2]
Shot Cnt. 5 (trip/total [clear]): 114,708/ 1,780,170 K times/nozzle [1]
Shot Cnt. 6 (trip/total [clear]): 114,717/ 1,779,727 K times/nozzle [1]
Shot Cnt. 7 (trip/total [clear]): 70,588/ 1,429,518 K times/nozzle [1]
Shot Cnt. 8 (trip/total [clear]): 70,435/ 1,428,022 K times/nozzle [2]

This is my Peck report:


I found my ink cartridges date is 2014 and 2013. I have ordered some new carts.

Would these old carts be a problem?

Should I run cleaner carts through to clean out the old ink from the lines before installing new inks? Or just do a powerful clean?

What about dampers? Should I change them all out?

none of what you ask is the issue, you start messing with dampers and a whole other set of issues. A head is rated for 6 bil shots -ur machine had multiple head changes. I am home in a few days and will check ur pec. I think u are chasing a ghost.


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