I had major issues with my printer and thanks to advice here I changed the 3 long ribbon cables and that fixed the issue. But now I have a new issue happening. The machine was printing perfectly for a few days. (I did not print much with it, but the test prints were perfect.) Then the magenta showed a really deflected bar on the test print. So I soaked and cleaned it, and then it got worse. It went to 5 deflected bars. I changed the wipers, cleaned the scraper, and did another head soak. The magenta head came back quite a bit, but there are still some deflections. But now the black is getting deflections. It was perfect, then for no reason (I know) it is getting deflections and it looks like maybe 10 of them. I am soaking, and doing medium cleans, but it is not helping.

What is going on? What can cause this, and more important how do I stop this and reverse it?

I will post some pictures soon, although they will just be test prints with deflections...

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Thanks, I appreciate it.

Do I need to toss all the ink? There is 4 carts in the machine with lots of ink and then I have 2 brand new ones as well.

It was a demo at Roland, so some training was done on it over the years.

Would you please tell me about the ink being usable or not? If I order ink I would not spend as much, and my supplier is having a sale until tomorrow with free shipping...


OK so now, I soaked the heads for 3 days. After I cleaned up, and did a test print. The 2 passes of the test print are slightly out of line. I printed a colour swatch that had some small writing on it and it is blurry to the point it is unreadable. I tried to do an "Adjust Bidirectional" and it froze after just one set printed. I restarted and it printed 3 rows, and froze at the black row. It just sits there saying it is doing the test print. I have to turn it off to get it to work.

When I bought the cables from Digiprint they said their generic cables are the same as Roland, but they are somewhat thinner. I am thinking it is the mainboard, but could it be the generic cables? If you need pics of any of the latest crap, let me know and I will take and post.


And today it is working perfectly (except for the deflections) again. WTF...

You can change inks and soak for weeks, those nozzles won't move. If you post a new nozzle test and it can be compared to the old one - then maybe some advice. Hard to give advice on what you are see and all else are imagining.

OK I will post, thanks.

I think there are 2 things going on.

1- Bad mainboard

2- Inks are really old. Date on carts is 2013 and 2014.

A bad mainboard and bad ink will not take away nozzles.

Thank you Irving. I have had a really bad intermittent problem of what I am told is block printing, the "now processing" freeze, goofy bars from all the heads, and I was in discussion with you about it here:


After I changed the cables it was the long ones that appeared to fix the problem, but because the problem is intermittent I am not sure. Shortly after the cable change, the magenta head showed some deflections. I soaked and did cleanings and it has come back except for 2. Then the black started to get deflections. I soaked for 2 days, then when I did a test print the test print was out of line. Then I printed a file and it was all blurry. So I tried to do an alignment and the printer froze in the middle of the alignment test. I had to reboot the printer. Then it did it again. That was yesterday. Today I test print and it is not out of alignment. I tried the alignment test and it worked fine. There is something big going on here, and then something perhaps smaller to cause the deflections...

Does this make sense?

I am about to order a VP-540i mainboard, as I cannot see what else would cause all the errors (not the deflections) but the big errors that make the printer unusable. The mainboard is on sale ($300 off) and only until tomorrow...

I had this problem, but recently I opened the main board + the servo board sitting above it, removed all the wiring and cleaned the MB + the servo board with isopropyl alcohol. This has eliminated the problem. Also I have cut the ends of the data cables and put them back into the position, which were almost causing the problems.

Other main reason why this happens is because of the small exhaust fan sitting behind the main board which keeps blowing the dust on the MB and the servo board, which also causes the MB to function improperly or throw in weird problems. 

All in all it is the cabling issue, if you can trim the data cables about 2mm and put them back into its slots it will be resolved. No need to change the MB. Let me know if you need more info. I am completely optimistic it will be resolved this way.


Is the machine set up to run its automatic periodic cleanings.  I had a friend I was helping that his heads kept clogging up and I would soak them bring them back and it would happen again. 

It turned out they had turned off the automatic periodic cleaning.  I set for every 12 hours and he was fine.  

As a note the unit was sitting dormant and not being used for long periods.  

Yes it is set to clean twice a day. Weird thing is all heads are back except black. IT has some deflections. Even the cyan which has had 1 clogged bar for months has come back. I just have to get the back black and I will be good to go... Thanks for the help.


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