So just how bad it it Irving?

Red & black is not doing this.

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No way to get good prints with that machine. You will have color shifts and oversprays.

You might beable to get by if a non critical customer comes your way. You need 2 heads.

Yea, the red and black is passable, but I figure I need new heads.  Now, just where to look.  Is there any print head dealers to stay away from?

Looks like $515 each and up.

Is Digiprint Supplies a good place to buy  DX4 heads? They sure do have a lot of negative comments on their FB page. Not to mention they haven't posted since November of last year. That cannot be good.

I used one of their heads and one from Sign-in-China with good results. The difference may be in the installer, certified or freelancing.

The best heads with a warranty comes from a Roland Dealer and installed by a certified tech. It is very easy to break a head on installation, if you do not know what you are doing.

Thanks for the feedback Irving. Will be ordering some heads, cap stations, wipers and should I do new dampers as well?

I just removed some of the guards on my machine and I noticed the cyan damper is full of ink and the other 3 or not.

Does this mean it is bad?


Is what bad - no ink in dampers - then

- check motor

- lines

- top

- T connectors

the one picture you did post shows other issues than no ink in dampers.

Sorry Irving, I meant to say is the cyan damper is full of ink and the other 3 have about a quarter of ink in them.

Still not feeling the head, the full damper is not working

If changing the heads, change out






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