Hello everyone.

I own a BN-20 print/cut machine. I have been using a 2ml printable vinyl for making contour cut stickers (all smaller than 5"). These sticker don't have to have a long life. They are promotional logos.

The problem that i am having is that the vinyl is too thin and when peeled off it sometimes sticks to itself. I would like a stiffer sticker material that will peel off the paper and can be slapped on a bumper or window with ease. And without the use of transfer tape. I am currently looking at trying DuraSol 3.5 Mil Permanent Sign Vinyl Gloss White from Imprintables. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



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2 mil vinyl is too thin and is given away with the machines. The GCVP is a great vinyl and comes in a thicker vinyl. For your application I would use nothing less than a 3 or 3.5 vinyl. I currently use the same vinyl you mentioned as my standard vinyl. I have others for specialty applications. I am currently running it on a BN20, a white with metallic gold printing, for an engagement party. I like it, I use it because I do not have to worry about it going back on itself when peeled up. As you know once that happens the decal is done.


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