For anyone looking to try a different ink for their printer, I would highly recommend the STS Inks. They are the ONLY USA ink out there! They are created in Florida. The service from this company is top notch! I have been running their ink for the last 2 months and it's fantastic! My machine has never printed this good! Color match is spot on, nice bold prints, and the best part is the cost is alot less then your Roland Ink and your supporting a USA company! Just wanted to share the info to the forum. Thanks for reading!

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Where are you getting yours from, Jeremy!

Morning Irving, I am getting mine through Signs plus banners in Minnesota. I had a problem at first because they shipped me the eco sol max2 and I needed the eco sol max. I was in a hurry to get the ink and called STS inks to help out and they were awesome! They worked with signs plus banners and shipped the right stuff over night to me! Signs plus banners is now carring more variety of this ink. It was new to them.
When I talked to the rep at STS inks he said they will stand behind their ink as far as any problems that may come up due to their ink.

Never tried the ink, but met a few of their reps and heard about their backing of the product. Not all inks are made the same and the wrong one can save you money on ink, but get you in repair costs. Will look into them further, thanks for the info. Lastly, STS makes ink for others - are yours labeled STS?

Yes they say STS on them


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