Imprinted on solutions metallic media and it calls for StretchPrint mask which of course we don't have.  What mask can I use instead?  We have Evolutions/TTD or MagicMask.

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Hi Vicki, is this what youre looking for?


The instructions say to use Magic Mask-medium tack


not sure what stretch print mask is, though





Evolutions will work fine

Thanks for the replys.  I was at a loss because the Imprintables catalog recommends "stretch print" and since I'm a go to the catalog type of person, I went to paper before I hit the internet.  But after going to the internet, the IW website recommends "solutions mask" and the Stahls site recommends "magic mask".  So appreciate knowing there are options and very grateful that one of those options exists in my shop in the form of Evolutions mask!

Again, thanks all for the replys! ~  Hey, maybe someone in my shop will get me a monkey for my birthday?  Hint, hint!  Then Mulligan could have a friend to come and visit.



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