Stopped Processing......File corrupt. Why and how do I fix?

I went away on holidays and now I can't print using .eps . I am trying to make decals which I have to contour cut. I re-drew a customers logo using Coral 7. Black text and two greens only (they are solid colors). I read up on the forum to see what to do. The only way I can print if I export as a tiff file but I can't cut it. My CutContour line just comes up as a line. This is happening on two computers. I also tried to print an existing file that I printed before holidays and I am getting the same error, although It printed fine two weeks ago. I am attaching a picture of the error as well as the eps file I am trying to use. What caused this and how do I fix it? My busy season is fast approaching. Thanks for your help.

UPDATE: I got it working again. Irving Donaldson on page two was the closest to the fix. Because of the update I now have to run as admin. Roland (Versaworks) guru walked me through how to correct the settings on my desktop and I am back in business. Thank you everyone for your help..

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Sounds like a corrupt file in the queue. If so you have to delete that file or all the files in the queue. You can also initialize VW and that will correct the error.

How do I initialize VW? 

It is strange that this is happening on two different computers. Like I mentioned, I can print if I use a tiff file but I cannot die-cut decals. I need the eps file for that.  I can however cut the border image in straight lines only.

Things I have printed in the past I can not longer print/cut without the error. I will to delete everything in the queue's and start fresh and see if that helps.

I initialized and it didn't help. :(  I cannot import anything that I did in the past with a eps extension.

GM, the file you attached was setup and printed as you intended. The only thing I would change is to use RGB or Roland Color Palette, but that has nothing to do with it cutting. The only thing I can think of is to check your EPS settings. You can set that in the Queue settings under the file format tab. The settings should be 0.1 - this allows for the cutline to be seen. If you do not have that - Your cutline and image border is co-located and the border takes precedence.

I did what you suggested and it still gives me the corrupt file message.  So frustrating. It seems like something happened after the last windows update. Do you think I should uninstall versaworks and reinstall again? If I do that will I lose all my existing files?

I just opened your file in CorelDRAW 2017 and exported it as an eps. I opened Roland VersaWorks and added the eps file to Queue A. I clicked on Settings in VersaWorks and the file imported without a problem. I suppose that I can attach the file; however, I don't know if you are using CorelDRAW X7 or 2017.

Corel Draw x7 and windows 7. 

I opened your file in CorelDRAW 2017, saved it as an eps and sent it to VersaWorks. It opened in VersaWorks without out any error messages. I saved the file in an X7 format (attached). If you cannot open it in VersaWorks, you know its not the file causing the problem.Untitled-1.cdr

Mary - I have occasionally run into the same issue and have no clue why. Since the logo you are working with is relatively simple, you might want to consider re-creating it.

Hi Dennis. This is happening to ALL my eps file, on tow different computers. Even the ones which printed and cut in the past with no problem are giving me the file corrupted now. Saved rvw files are ok. I can print tiff files but I can't cut them. My guess is something in the versaworks program that didn't like the latest windows update.

I just read your latest post. Given that I had no problem with your file, it very well could be Roland VersWorks; but, I'm not a VersaWorks guru.I believe Irv may have that distinction.

This is happening on all my eps files. This new one as well as previous decals that print/cut fine before. I can no longer import those files. I get up to 90% then it stops.  I also have a 24" Roland cutter so I tried to import the same eps file into Cut Studio and it imported fine. I have uninstalled Versaworks and reinstalled. Someone also suggested I download photoshop to see it that helps. It didn't. If I take the same file and import as a tiff file I can print without problems. If I use cut image boundaries, it will cut. I just noticed I cannot open pdf files either. ARGH!!!


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