Stopped Processing......File corrupt. Why and how do I fix?

I went away on holidays and now I can't print using .eps . I am trying to make decals which I have to contour cut. I re-drew a customers logo using Coral 7. Black text and two greens only (they are solid colors). I read up on the forum to see what to do. The only way I can print if I export as a tiff file but I can't cut it. My CutContour line just comes up as a line. This is happening on two computers. I also tried to print an existing file that I printed before holidays and I am getting the same error, although It printed fine two weeks ago. I am attaching a picture of the error as well as the eps file I am trying to use. What caused this and how do I fix it? My busy season is fast approaching. Thanks for your help.

UPDATE: I got it working again. Irving Donaldson on page two was the closest to the fix. Because of the update I now have to run as admin. Roland (Versaworks) guru walked me through how to correct the settings on my desktop and I am back in business. Thank you everyone for your help..

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Unfortunately, I am not a Versa Works guru. I have encountered issues with VersaWorks not detecting our Roland SP 540i. The resolution required changing the adapter settings in the Network Connections of our PC. Don't ask how long it took to resolve that issue.

Had very similar after updating to 1.6.10. Took that version off and used an older version. Fine since then.

I would do a complete uninstall and then reinstall as an administrator. If the PDF and EPS are not working correctly, I have only seen that with a partial install or a corrupted update. It is not your file. Once you say you have the issue with all the previous, then it is usually the program. Updates have been know to corrupt the program - usually initializing can correct the issue, but since you did and no help, then just reinstall.

I did.  Didn't help.   :(

I think it is the latest windows update as that is the only thing different from when I used it last. I have a call into my Roland Guru but since it's software, and not the printer itself, I don't know if he can help. I am doing a deep virus check on one of the computers. I cannot think of anything else I can try.

You sir were correct.

When I reinstalled, it did not install as admin which is why I still had the same problem. My guru had me right click on the desktop shortcut, click the run as admin and it worked. We then imported the file again and noticed the "ants" did not go all the way around so we fixed that as well. (the eps line reverted back to 0.00. We changed the properties for that as well. I went back into the desktop shortcut and now the program opens as admin.

Life is good again. :D

A Win 7 update changed  the export properties in Corel x7 on my PC. Make sure you have the correct export properties.

It opens and exports fine for me.

properties for me:

Native, export text as text,tiff , 8 color, 96 dpi, PS 3, advanced = objects

Tried these settings and still won't import. Starting to think maybe it's my computer(s) and not the program......


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