Hello All,

I'm still having trouble in my print/cut alignment.

Last time I was told it is the wire tension. I got the wire tension meter

and after picking my brains deep, I think I found out how to use the wire tension meter.

Just to be sure, the attached picture shows how I used it. Initially I was confused about

a reference point to use in order to get the correct reading. This time I had the wire tension

meters' left most tab touching the wire by pushing on the spring as shown then taking the 

reading where the spring aligns the markings on the wire tension meter.

After the adjustment I did go thru the Aging procedure and still on the Scan I'm out.

I also did the print and cut adjustment under Settings 2. On mine I got to the max on Scan of +5mm and still no joy on print/cut alignment.

Hopefully I am using the wire tension meter correctly? I did not make the wire too tight in

case of creating more problem.

In addition I'm getting a grind like noise when the carriage is moving. Could it be the bearing

of the carriage head is wearing out or worn out?

If so, can I use the THK bearing?

Getting desperate, any help please?

Many thanks.

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