Has anybody found a source for black sticker stock that has the peal and stick split backing?

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I mean blank sticker stock

Not sure that is even possible. You would have to have many splits in the backing.

Hate to slow but then how do they do the ones that have splits?  I figure they are done on a large sheet or roll.  Certainly not done individually.  I just had 25,000 stickers I ordered for an insurance company all with a split.  It has to be on a roll or something.  Mystery.

If it was done first the split would never be done correctly - the splits are done after.

To do a black sticker stock - it would have to first print a white base - too costly

Inks are translucent

Dan seen your message out of the country do not have access and do not remember

"If it was done first the split would never be done correctly"  That is exactly what I was thinking. No worries, safe travels Irving!


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