What's causing this? Is it because they aren't laminated? Are cuts too sharp? Pressure too strong?

I currently let it do two cuts... a contour cut first and then a perf contour cut on top....

I'm always having trouble on stickers like these and I've tried different options but haven't had the best of luck.

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I've only had my VG540 for a month so I'm no expert but I feel I might be of some use here as I have done stickers with no problem so far.

You said you do a perf cut on top. Do you mean directly on the top? Perf cut is just to make it presentable for selling or handing out so do a contour cut and leave a small space then do your perf cut.

Would recommend doing some test cuts, all materials are different as I just learned that first hand as well while I am too in the stages of finding what materials I want to stock up on. Pressure might be too strong on the perf cut because I think your blade holder might be coming into contact with the sticker inself and causing it to lift.

If it was me, I would check the blade height and then do some test cuts on the material to find your force numbers.

Actually I looked again, quick addition.

Most of your pop ups are on sharp edges. I remember a video of steves I was watching before I got my machine where he said to avoid those harsh angles because your blade will rip the material from the quick direction change. Its something that has just stuck with me and I apply it to every sticker as second nature. Round out the edges and that should help you alot I think.

Yeah, I went ahead and rounded all the edges for the stickers and I'm currently trying different settings.

My machine may be weird or there is a setting I'm missing but it usually messes up the first half of the sheet and the remaining half of the sheet it cuts them perfect. Like it was to be unbalanced. 

I think it's the media... I used to use DuraSol and didn't have much problem with it compared to when I did the switch to try out Orafol...

How much blade is out?

When I do a perf cut I couple it with a contourcut - always. change that middle setting from 1.98 to 1

agree with rounding the sharp cuts and may need to slow the speed. 

Always do a test cut - once you get that adding 100 to force usually give you your pert.

Too much blade causes uneven cuts and some of those issues I see.double to triple credit card if doing perfs.

How much blade is out?

A: It's currently at two credit cards but I'm going to bring that down to one.

Always do a test cut - once you get that adding 100 to force usually give you your pert.

What do you mean by adding 100 to force?
Speed: 15
Pressure: 100
Offset: 0.250
Normal Pressure Length: 0.019
Perforation Length: 1.000
Perforation Pressure: 180

Currently testing out the single credit card out blade.

Single is usually not enuf for perf - if pressure is 100 then depending what your mil on the laminate then 200 would be perf force - 1 on length is correct. 

You test 180 with one credit card and see - test is usually one or two not the whole job. If you search I had posted a file that would test the perf and contour on this site a while ago 


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