Hello All,

I am still very new to the Roland/Versacamm world and learning by trial &error.....I've learned a lot so far if that provides any indication of how much error there has been!! :D

I've had a handful of customers asking about stickers/labels; restaurants wanting them for labeling paper bags on take out orders, others wanting them for bumper stickers.

I'm having trouble determining the best media to use in each scenario.

Is there an all inclusive product that once it prints it's done or is there always a laminating step??

Thank you in advance for your patience and advise! 


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There are so many available. So what I will say and hope some will go into detail and specifics. I will say that you want at least a 3.5 mil media - most glossy, but I do keep clear and matte on hand. I only laminate if extended outside, often contact, or requested. Small enough unless shaped do not required a mask. Larger ones, a mask make it easier.

Hi Tina, nice to meet you.

There’s no product that prints,cuts and laminates all at the same time.....it’s a multi-step process.

That said, all stickers/decals don’t need to be laminated.

Lamination provides UV protection and helps with destruction from abrasion. 
If you are printing decals that will be left outdoors and left to the mercy of the elements, lamination is a good idea to extend the life of the product.

On the flip side, I’d probably never think to laminate stickers for paper bags, as per your example.

Bumper stickers, also, I don’t ever remember laminating them. Semi-rigid, heavier sticky media works just fine.

Seriously, do you really  want to sell a product like that (bumper sticker) to last more than a couple years, do you?

If the bumper sticker fails, the customer can buy a new one.

Sort of the same with a paper bag sticker. That sticker will likely get crumpled and put in the trash after the food is removed from the bag.

I totally understand and agree that we all want to provide the best product possible......but in the two cases you mentioned, I believe it’s just over-kill.

Hope some of this information was helpful!

Lady Di

I would definitely go with Orafol 3164 Economy since these stickers will be used for presentation purposes and end up in the trash.

I wouldn't laminate them either.
But the 3164 is fairly straight forward as far as usage. If you end up doing bumper stickers (or anything outdoor) definitely get the Orafol 210 Laminate.


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