We used to order from Imprintables but can't find the DuraSol glossy calendered vinyl in a 20" roll anymore.

Does anyone have any good alternatives?

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Did you find an alternative?  We are in the same boat?  Many thanks

See my reply to Mary. Thanks!

Having the same problem as well. I have a SG-300 30" machine also so I found an alternative for that but I am not in love with it. Would love to hear if you find something!

I think we ended up ordering a slightly thinner version from US Cutter.  But it was a 15" roll. I'd call them and see if they can help you out. Stahl's did say they are working on new sticker paper but it's in it's testing phase and won't be ready for "a few weeks". So probably not for several months.

Thanks! I will check it out.


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